lampak1vtTo intentionally throw or slam something down forcefully, or smash it against something; to beat or club a person or animal forcefully with a stick or piece of bamboo; to beat a mat, blanket in order to clean it.Ang gitara ang binletano linampak tang tangayo asing labing pagabaleng na.The guitar I borrowed was smashed by my friend last night when he was drunk.Linampak na tang baskit ong tanek tenged gasilag.She slammed the basket down on the ground because she was angry.Onopa? Galiagang ilampako naning palo ong kolo mo?So then? Do you want me to use this whipping stick to beat your head with?Lampakan mo kay tang amek ong talsi, masiado rang makālep.Beat the sleeping mat in the ocean with a stick, it's already smelling badly of urine.ov. syn.laba2 1.1rel. wrd.dabog-dabog 1.1tandak 1.1ov. syn.palo1 1.1tampok1 2.1rel. wrd.ampak 1.1balda 1.2laba2 1.1laba-laba 1.1lagopok 1.2lapik 1paralisado 1pilay2 1pokod 1poro1 1.1tapik1 1.12vtviFor a person or animal to collapse, fall over forcefully onto the ground; for something to accidentally fall and crash down on the ground, or accidentally smash into a stationary object.Nalampak tang kiro ong sobrang sikad na.The dog collapsed because of running so hard.Tanandia tang pagbiot tang gitara, animan asing pagadagpa na asta ang gitara nalampak. He was the one holding the guitar, therefore when he tripped the guitar also got smashed.ov. syn.begtak 1laba1 1tomba1 13vi3.1vi., vtThe action or sound of waves crashing on the shore, or hitting against the side of a boat.Lalampak tang langeb ong kabatoan.The waves are crashing against the rocky shoreline.ov. syn.ampak 1.1rel. wrd.kalap-kalap 1lampa 1.13.2viTo hit or slap the surface of the ocean with steel bars in order to drive the fish into the net in the type of fishing called lamba.Asing paglamba amen indi ami ra malampak ta osto tenged adalem tang talsi.When we were driving fish into the net we weren't able to slap the surface of the water very well because the ocean was too deep.rel. wrd.lamba 1.1panti1 1sarap 1

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