malakamalaká1<Not Sure>1.1advRarely; seldom.Malaka ra lamang ang paning ong balay, sigoro gasilaga ong katawao.You rarely come to the house, maybe you're mad at my spouse.antpirmiantbihirdamel 1.2pirmisiek 1.1yadi 12adv2.1adjSomething which is scarce, hard to find; few, a small number of something; sparse, thin; spaced far apart.Malaka ra mandian tang irilawen ang pakinaten.Nowadays shells which can be picked up in the tidal area are very scarce.Malaka lamang tang balay don ong Ilog.The houses there at Ilog are few and spaced far apart. Malaka tang boa tang molang geley tenged nagmasit ta si-dat.The hair of the baby is very sparse because he became sick with measles.Ang lindoak amen ang paray ay malaka tang liminongay tenged anday koran ang osto.The rice we planted sprouted thinly because there wasn't sufficient rain.antmadamelsiek 12.2vtTo plant seeds, plants with adequate space between them.Palaka-lakaen mi tang panloak mi tang kamait.Plant your corn with some space between them.

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