salamin1<Not Sure>1.1nGlass; mirror; eyeglasses.1.2vi., vtTo look in a mirror; to primp in front of a mirror.May pagpariaw da ong nandia, animan pirmi ra lamang panalamin. Someone is interested in her, that's why she is always primping in front of the mirror. Salaminen mo kay lagi tang itsora mo, may pongit na.Look at your face in the mirror, it has some dirt on it.2vi., vt2.1vtTo imitate someone's conduct or character.Yawa enged ay panalaminan tang mga ari mo.You are the one your younger siblings will imitate. paranalaminan2der.nAng masinlong ogali ang pinaita tang mga maistra ay magsirbing paranalaminan tang mga iskoila.The good character which the teachers demonstrated will serve as a model for the pupils.

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