kalibotan1<Not Sure>1.1nThe world; the earth.Ang kalibotan mandian ay doro ra kagolo tenged may pirming pamagpatayan.The world today is very troubled because people are always killing each other.2n2.1Weather.Ang kalibotan ang na pirmi ra ka lamang palet.This weather is just always windy.Mārimem si tang kalibotan. The weather is overcast again.pagmasit-masit tang kalibotanid.1expr22.1nConsciousness; knowledge of something. (This can only be used in the sense of the absence of consciousness or knowledge.)Asing nadisgrasia tanandia ong dalan, nalapik tang doroang kakay na animan nakomitan tang kalibotan na.When he had a bad accident on the road, he broke both of his legs and therefore he lost consciousness.Anda enged ay kalibotano ang maning ta si tang agplanon na.I had no knowledge whatsoever that that is what he was planning to do.pagsinti tang kalibotanid.expr

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