babakbabákunspec. var.pababak<Not Sure>11.1viFor a person or animal to go down; to disembark from a boat; to get up, wake up and go downstairs; for a plane, bird, etc. to descend; for the price of something to fall, go down.Pababáka kay, komiten mo tang silig.Please go downstairs and get the broom.Babakén mo kay, midio may gogoy.Please go downstairs, I think someone is calling.Alas koatrō pa minabák para manoro ta wi.I got up and went down at about four o'clock to fetch water.Angay bato golpi lamang minabák tang prisio tang tambalang?Why do you suppose the price of seaweed suddenly fell? antka-yat 1lawig 1padibabawtāy 11.2vtTo bring, take something down from somewhere; to lower something; to lower the price of something.Ibabák mo kay tang libro atan ong kabinit.Please bring down the book from there in the cabinet.Ipababak ta ra tang bandira, apon da.Let's lower the flag, it's already late afternoon.Pinababak na tang priso tang tinda na para mabakal.He lowered the price of his goods so they would easily sell.antpadibabawpalawiglawigantka-biatka-yat 1.1tāy 1.1babakánder.1nAngay ga-tang ong babakán tang katri?Why is the bed placed downstairs? 22.1vtTo humble oneself (lit. to lower oneself); to humble another person, bring them low.Nagpababák tanandia tang sadili na ig nama-dol ta patawad ong kasoay na.He humbled himself and asked forgiveness from his enemy.Pababaken mo tang nem mo.Humble yourself.Ang pagpalawig tang sadili na yay ang ipababak. The one who elevates himself he's the one who will be brought low. antambog 1dibabak 1palawiglawigpatalobabak

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