ampo21<Not Sure>1.1viTo ask forgiveness from someone.Mampoa don ong ni nanay mo tenged yawa ay nagkatalak.Ask forgiveness from your mother because you've done wrong.Minampo ra ong nandia piro indio ono mapatawad na asta kamatayen.I've already asked forgiveness from her but she said she won't forgive me for as long as she lives.2vi2.1To surrender by putting the hands up into the air; "I give up!"Asing sinontoko nandia maski ganingo, "Ampo!" sigi pa ka enged tang sontok na ong yen.When he hit me even though I said, " I give up!" he just kept on hitting and hitting me.Ang kasoay na ay minampo ong nandia tenged indi kaya na.His enemy put his hands up in surrender to him because he couldn't defeat him.

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