taliod1<Not Sure>1.1viFor a person to have their back turned towards someone else; to turn one's back to someone or something.Sinopa tang taw ang asing panaliod? Who is that person with his back towards us?Mga mambakena, manalioda kay.If you are going to sneeze, please turn your back towards us. Nataliodo ka lamang, sinobling lagi tang kosi tang yan.I just happened to turn my back for a moment, and immediately the cat stole the fish.antbaliedantbalied2vi2.1vtFiguratively, to turn away from, to shrink back or give up; to turn one's back on someone or something.Nāgoanta ong dorong kaliwag ig indi nanaliod. He endured great hardship and did not shrink back.Magtogat amo ig taliodan mi tang mga talak mi.Repent and turn away from your sins.Sinaliodan na tang tangay nang pisan.He turned his back on his best friend.3vt3.1nBackyard.

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