korop11<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtFor something small to sink deeply into something, out of sight; to intentionally sink or bury something deep.Nakorop tang tenek tang bantol-bantol ong kakayo animan doro kasit.The thorn sank deep into my foot, that is why it is so painful.Indi koropon mo tang lansang para madaling komiten.Don't bury the nail in deep so it can easily be taken out.antte-la2vi., vt2.1viTo set, as of the sun or moon (lit. to sink out of sight).Mapriskong magpanaw ong baybay mga gakorop tang kaldaw.It is refreshing to walk on the beach when the sun is setting. 2.2vtTo wait for the sun to set (lit. cause/allow the sun to set).Ba-lo ita kay molik. Magpakorop ita kang lagi tang kaldaw.Let's not go home quite yet. Let's wait for the sun to set. Indi pakoropon mi tang kaldaw ang gasilag amo pa.Don't let the sun go down while you are still angry.antte-lagako-pan2der.nanttere-lan2

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