, vtFor something to fall from a height and crash or slam down; for something to land on something below; for something to have something crash down on it.Asing pinlek tang mola tang bola nābe-tak ong lagnang.When the child threw the ball up in the air it landed in the mud.Nābegtak tang agtakanen nang paray, animan nalasik tang tamping.The rice he was carrying accidentally slammed down with the result that the sack ripped.Ang balay nira ay nabe-takan ta tang taned ang nioy ong sobrang palet.Their house had a entire bunch of coconuts fall straight down on it because of extremely strong winds.1.2vtTo intentionally slam something down hard on the ground.Bine-tak na tang agtakanen nang tamping, animan nasilag tang katawa na.He slammed down the large woven basket he was carrying on his shoulder, therefore his wife got angry.ov. syn.bagsak 1.1lagpak 1.1talpak 1.1ov. syn.lampak 2.1Mga monopa kalawig tang layog mo, mga megtaka, lagopok.1say.aa.1viFor sleep to be deep or sound.Indio naba-yag tang koran talabi, nabe-tak da tang poyato.I didn't hear the rain last night, my sleep was already very deep. ov. syn.manekanek2

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