langga1viUndergoer: ma- Goal: ma--ansiraFor something to become damaged, broken down, dilapidated, or rotten; for a person to have a machine quit working on them while using it.Ang langkang lotok nalangga ra tenged indi ra nalobot ang napangan.The ripe jackfruit became rotten because it wasn't all eaten up.Nalanggan ami ta makina ong laod.The boat's motor quit working on us out at sea.2statlangga, langga raDamaged; destroyed; broken; in disrepair; dilapidated; rotten.Langga tang leb-leb tang balay tenged pinangan ta anay.The walls of the house are destroyed because they have been eaten by termites.ov syndistroso 1gabok 13vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo intentionally break or destroy something, tear something down; to destroy a person's honor, integrity, or personhood; to slander a person.Mabaked pa tang kodal mi, angay aglanggaen mo ra?Your fence is still strong, why are you tearing it down? Ang bitala mong asia panlangga ta dengeg.Those words of yours destroy a person's honor.ov synlaglag1 1rel wdlain 1

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