kaboskabós1adjloko, ulolFool, foolish; idiot; stupid, crazy; to act inappropriate; crude, rude, crass; shameful, embarrassing. (It is rude to call someone this.)Way, may taw ang pantaki si ong binit tang dalan, kabos! Look, there's a man defecating there on the side of the street, that's so crude! Kabosa ra sigoro, india ra pandigo.Maybe you are already a fool, you don't bathe anymore.2viActor/Undergoer: ma-To act crazy, not in one's right mind; to act inappropriately, stupid, or foolish.Way, ang gabaleng papanaw ong karsada ang anday lambong na, gakabos da.Look, the drunk guy is walking down the street with no clothes on, he is already going crazy.Nakabos-kabos tang kamalay amen tenged teta indi gapamangan.Our neighbor became a bit crazy because sometimes he doesn't eat.ov synaboso 1bastos 1pangel

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