bistounspec. var.gabisto1adjkabistolantawEasily seen, clear, even at a distance; clearly visible; in view; obvious; noticeable.Asia ra tang iroplano, kabisto ra. There's the airplane, it's in view now.2vtActor: mā- Undergoer: ma-For a person to be able to see something in the distance; for something to become noticeable, be clearly or easily seen.Gaba-yano ra tang iroplano piro indio pa mābisto. I can hear the airplane but I can't see it yet.Gābisto ra tang sian na, sigoro ang inabdet na lima rang bolan.Her stomach is noticeable now, perhaps her pregnancy is already five months along.Mga malinaw, pisan ang gābisto tang tanan ang mga poro ong alawid.When it's calm, all of the islands that are far in the distance can really be seen clearly.ov synpalabadpangantaw

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