sarang1<Not Sure>1.1nMoney to spend; means.Anday sarang amen, belag ami ta manggaden.We have no means, we are not rich.1.2vi., vtTo be able to afford something; the amount that one can afford to spend.Bato māsarang aming mamakal ta motor para ibiahi amen ong Cuyo?Do you think we'll be able to afford to buy a pumpboat to use for traveling to Cuyo island (i.e. as a business venture)?2vi., vt2.1vtTo be able to do something; to be able to endure or bear something.Indio ra māsarang tang lamig mga labi.I can no longer endure the cold at night.Indi masarangano tang kaliwagan ang maning ta na.I won't be able to endure hardship like this.

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