sarap11.1nA large Y-shaped fishing net with small holes and a short middle leg section, poyo-poyo, where the fish are caught. (The net is used in shallow water and is pulled through the water by several people in order to trap the fish inside.)1.2vi., vtTo fish with this kind of net; the fish caught in this net.Monopag kayadi tang sinarapan mi?How many fish did you catch in the sarap net? rel. wrd.bitana 1.1ilaw2 1.1panti1 1.2rel. 1.1bonoan 1kalat2 1.1kigir 1.1lamba 1.1lampak 3.2panti1 1panti1 1poyo-poyo 2.1sikep 1.1so-sod1 1salarapender.nYading salarapen mga bolan ta Disyembre.There are many fish to be caught in a sarap net during the month of December.

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