betang211.1vtTo put a thing somewhere; place or position something.I-tang mo kay tang lapis ong bāgo, taben malipat.Please put the pencil in my bag, it might get lost.Anda pay logar ang mabetangan tang mga gamit nirang nagalin ong Roxas.There is no place yet for them to put their furniture from Roxas.Ibetang ta ong yaten ang pagirisipen tang nainabo asing tokaw agod indi malipatan ta.Let's place in our minds what happened in the past so we won't forget it.1.2vstatTo be placed somewhere; to be in something.Mga onopa tang loloa ong anga ta, sia ya kay ang ga-tang ong popotokon ta.Whatever comes out of our mouth, that also is what it is (lit. placed) in our heart.Na-tang ong Kasolatan ang ganing, "Gegman mo tang masig ka taw mo, pario tang paggegma mo ong sadili mo."It is (lit. placed) in the Scriptures saying, "Love your fellowman, the same as your love for yourself."rel. wrd.beretangan2der.nov. syn.rologodan1der. oflogod2rologodan2 1.1tereldan2 1tereldan2 1.1indi mapabetang tang nem1id.aexprIndi mapabetang tang nem na tenged ong nabalitan ming nagmasit tanandia.She had no peace of mind because she heard the news that he had become ill.ov. syn.borido 1bb.1vtTo place a plate of food and an alcoholic drink in the corner of an inside room for the spirit of the deceased.Onopa, namene-menean da ka tang pamangan ang bintang? Has the food placed in the corner for the deceased already been prayed over?Indi amo kang lagi mamangan, indi pa gabetangan. Don't eat right away, the food for the deceased has not yet been placed in a choose, place a person in a position.Tanandia tang bintang amen ang tisoriro ong asosasion amen.She's the one we put in place as the treasurer of our association.Yawa ra lamang tang balang magtagay, yawa ka tang gabetang ang ari.It is up to you to pour the drinks because you're in the position of the youngest.dd.1nSituation.Maliwag tang pagkabetang tarin labi pa anday obra mo.The situation here is very difficult especially if you have no work.d.2nFuture situation.Onora lamang bato ay mabetangan tang mga taw ong ori mga lobot da tang irilawen?What do you suppose will be the future situation of people in the end when all the fish and edible shells have been wiped out?ee.1nPadalia ra, magintang anday kinabotan mong tayan mo.Hurry up, or the result will be that you don't catch up with the boat you will travel on.

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