kalap-kalap11.1viThe sound of something rustling, like a chicken on a roof, a rat in a cupboard; the sound of something scraping against something else; the sound of waves lapping on the shore.Onopa sing kakalap-kalap don ong dibabaw tang katep?What is that that's rustling there on top of the roof?Talabi indio napoyat ta osto tenged ang langeb pisan ang kakalap-kalap. Last night I wasn't able to sleep well because the waves were really lapping against the shore. ov. syn.lampa 1.11.2vtTo cause something to make a rustling or scraping sound.Indi ra kay pakalap-kalapen mo siang lata, maingal.Please don't make a scraping sound with that cookie tin, it's noisy.rel. wrd.lampa 1.1lampak 3.1

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