bastos1adjCrude; rude, without proper manners, shame, or respect; disrespectful.Ho, bastosa! Oh, you are so crude! It is very rude to call someone by this word.antdisintihinhintenten 22nkabastosanRude manners.Ang ogali na may kabastosan na tenged pamoyayaw ang pirmi.His character includes rude manners because he is always using bad language.anthinhinpormal 1tenten 13vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -onTo talk, act crudely; to display bad manners; to treat someone without respect; to insult someone.Indio bastoson mo, ibega yen ong katawao.Don't treat me without respect, I'll tell my husband.India mamastos don ong bailian.Don't display bad manners at the dance.ov syninsolto 1kabos 1tarantado 1

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