aboat11nkāboathabaLength.May paod ono ang kiminabot. Telekan ta tang kāboat na.They say some nipa palm shingles have arrived. Let's go see how long they are (lit. their length).Monopa kāboat tang potolon tani ong ayo?How much length will I cut off here from the wood?2nkāboatanThe lengthwise direction of something.Gereten mo tang abel ong kāboatan na belag ta ong kala-bangan na.Cut the cloth along its length, not across the width.3adjmāboatmahabaLong.Ang kalioliot ang binakal na ay māboat ong yen.The pants she bought are long on me.antdipot 14vtUndergoer: pa--enpahabainTo lengthen something, make something long; to cause or allow something to become, grow long.Agpāboateno ra tang boao mandian.I'm letting my hair grow long now.Balampa aloyana tang Dios ang pāboaten na pa tang kaboi mo.May God bless you and make your life long.Pāboaten mo tang apen mo.1say.

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