bailovt1Actor: maN- Undergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -an, pa--anpalitTo give something in exchange for something else; to receive something in exchange for giving something else; to use something in bartering.Ibailo mo kay naning ki-yoy ta sigarilio don ong tsianggi.Please give this egg in exchange for a cigarette there at the small variety store.Pabailoano rin tang sirgoilas ta yan don ong lantsa.I'll have the Spanish plums given in exchange or fish there at the fishing boat.Bailoan mo kay tang kalabasang nani ta posporo tenged anday mabakalo.Please receive this squash in exchange for matches because I don't have any money to buy them with.ov synbarter2Actor: magpa- Goal: -an, pa--anTo exchange large bills for smaller bills or coins; to change money at a money changer.Bailoan mo kay naning limang gatoso ta tagtale-tang gatos.Please change my 500 peso bill for five 100 peso bills.3Actor: Reduplication:: mag--anFor things to be either intentionally exchanged, or accidentally switched; to trade things.Nagbailoan tang tsinilas amen talabi asing namagpolaw ami.Our rubber slippers were accidentally switched last night when we were attending the wake for the dead.Nagbailoan ami tang lambong amen asing madali ami rang magbelagan ong haiskol para may pangandeman amen.We exchanged our clothes when we were about to be separated in high school so that we would have a remembrance of each other.ov synkambio 1

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