tabako21adjmayabangConceited; arrogant; proud; boastful.Dorog katabako tang molang naka, naning ka lamang ta Manila ig itaben don ka lamang gistar ong agtambakan ta mga basora.That kid there is really conceited, he just went to Manila and perhaps he just lives there where garbage is heaped up (i.e. garbage dump, squatter area).antago 2apog 2.1sikat 22viActor: magpatabako, magtinibakoTo show off; to act conceited.Ang taw ang ba-long nalkat ay pagtinabako ra ang pagbitala ta Tagalog.The person who has just come home is showing off, speaking Tagalog.This word is a homonym with tabako1 meaning 'tobacco'. In addition to calling a boastful person tabako, they can also be called words associated with chewing tobacco, such as apog, 'lime'.antago 1apog 1pasikatov synambog 1

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