Credits & acknowledgements


This dictionary is dedicated to the memory of
Marilyn A. (Lingkoy) Caabay who, along with her colleague Josenita L. (Inday) Edep,
shared many meriendas with Missy and Gail in their house on the beach on Agutaya.

There are many people who contributed to this project in one way or another. Although we
cannot mention all by name, we would like to acknowledge the following:

Marilyn A. Caabay and Josenita L. Edep began working with us in 1990. Without them this
dictionary would not have become a reality. Their picture appears in the Photo Journal.

Inday, thank you for your patience with the editing, for “going around the world” from a to s to b to t and back

Lingkoy, we will never forget you. Thank you for your stories, for all the cultural words and
wonderful example sentences.

Rosita A. Llanzana and Hermila A. Leido also worked as compilers during the early years of
the project.

Merelina B. Larang, Rosie B. de Castro, and Wilfredo Z. Dacuan helped with initial

Ruth C. Baluyot, Mery S. Sumondong, and Pedrito Z. Labrador contributed in various

Thank you also to Nellie B. Caab for the many hours on our porch which added to our
knowledge of words and culture.

Special thanks to Atty. Liezeil L. Zabanal-Abia for her very informative and interesting
Introduction, and to Mark Jayson Labrador and Jerry B. Caab whose drawings appear in the

Thank you to SIL colleague and fellow “Agu-Kano” Dr. Steve Quakenbush for his
excellent work on the Grammar Sketch.

We would also like to thank our SIL colleagues Allan Johnson, who served as our dictionary
consultant, and typesetters and computer programmers Doug Rintoul, Rex Johnson, and Ian

A big thank you to our academic proofreader Sue McQuay for all her hard work and
encouraging words.

Thanks to Marc Jacobson for his well-worn instruction booklet on keyboarding
Philippine dictionaries.

We would also like to acknowledge the late Dr. Leonard E. Newell, from
whom we learned the art of lexicography.

Finally, we would like to thank the people of Agutaya Island for their friendship over the years.
It has been a privilege to live among you, to be included in your lives and community, and to learn
your language and culture.