Dictionary Entries Explained


The first word in the entry is called the headword. If a word has multiple meanings, they will be numbered. The abbreviation for the part of speech is next. That is followed by one or more example sentences in Agutaynen, and their English equivalents.

abel 1) n Damdaman mo kay tang boko-boko tang mola ta abel, dorong inang na! Please place a cloth on the baby's back, she is really perspiring! 2) vi., vt Bakaleno ra tang aggabelen mo mga matapos. I'll buy what you are weaving when it is finished. Indio matakong manabel, ipābelo ra lamang ong ni Lola. I don't know how to weave, I'll just have it woven by Grandmother. Abeleno rin tang benang ang naboay dang agtataloko. I'll weave into cloth the cotton thread that I've had hidden away for a long time.

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