Akawaio-English Dictionary



aka vt 1dig Waꞌ yen akaꞌpʉ uya. I dug a latrine. akasaꞌ pit (lit. an old digging) 2pick Utɨn pai kayaꞌraꞌpɨ akaseꞌna sapa pe ikonekaton. Let's go to pick kaya'ra'pɨ to make face paint.
Aꞌka nprop the name given to a creek about 20 minutes above Enpɨimɨtʉi, along the Upper Mazaruni River Aꞌka ken A'ka creek mouth
akama vt 1spoil 2destroy the use of something, make something so that the intended user is unable to enjoy the intended benefits of it 3wound, injure Usari akamaꞌpʉ uya. I injured the deer. 4fail to achieve one's intended goal
akaman var. of akamana
akamana (var: akaman; poss: ayakamanaai) (cf: mʉtaꞌna yeꞌ, mʉtaꞌna pen) nom hunter Akamana pe utɨ serɨ. I go now as a hunt man. syn: ontʉman .
akami n a variety of wild bird easily tamed, similar to powis bird, warakabura, trumpet bird syn: namai .
akamisarai n a group of tigers, bad ones, that eat people
akaꞌneꞌ n a short time or visit Akaꞌneꞌ pe utɨ mɨrɨ. I am going for a short visit.
akanʉkʉ vt spill out Mɨrɨpan yau, imaꞌtaꞌpʉ, iyeꞌtoiꞌkwaꞌpʉ, tʉweꞌ takanʉꞌse. In that place, he died, he burst open, and his own insides spilled out.
akapʉ n a part of something Enpoikakaaꞌpʉ rʉꞌkwɨ rɨ Akawayo pe ta tane, Enkereꞌsi pe akapʉ rɨ kanan. When I translate into Akawaio, part of it is still in English.
akarasa (cf: wairawoꞌ; cf: kuran; cf: maipa; cf: poro) n a variety of fruit tree, waiti (brown pods)
akare n (non-possessed) alligator
akaru var. of aꞌkwa
akaruꞌtɨ var. of aꞌkwarʉꞌtɨ
akaruwa (cf: tennankɨꞌ) n a variety of small, colourful fish, often caught in traps gen: kuraꞌ .
akiꞌnɨ (cf: saꞌman) 1nom a dry quality, especially referring to grass when it is hard to cut, after the dew has evaporated Akiꞌnɨ pe wanaꞌ esi. The grass is dry. 2n (non-possessed) hard-to-cut grasses and weeds
aꞌkiꞌtarɨ n the middle one of a set of older and younger objects, like siblings toꞌ aꞌkiꞌtarɨ iyesi. He is their middle one - in height or in age.
akitiꞌkwa vt break up Eki akitiꞌkwakɨ. Break up the cake of cassava bread.
utakitiꞌkwa (der.) vr broken
aꞌkiyau (var: aꞌyau) n a variety of spiny-trunked palm tree with small nuts for fruit
aꞌkɨ adv a form of agreement with what has just been said "Kʉsekamai!" "Aꞌkɨ." "Don't say it!" "That's right (don't say it)."
aꞌkɨrɨ (cf: poi) postp with Toꞌ utɨꞌpʉ Wrenton aꞌkɨrɨ. They went with Wrenton.
akɨtʉ var. of akʉtʉ
aꞌko nom 1something near Aꞌko pe toꞌ esi. They are nearby. 2something closed Itaꞌkosaꞌ. It is closed. opp: aꞌkoka .
aꞌkoka (cf: ekariꞌma) vt open Shop aꞌkokaꞌpʉ uya. I opened the shop. opp: aꞌko 2 ; syn: warauka 1 .
utaꞌkoka (der.) vr open
akon (poss: ayakon) n 1younger brother for a male; direct address and also indirect address Ina akon ton our brothers 2Christian brother 3sister, for a woman, direct address and also indirect address