Akawaio-English Dictionary



m- var. of mʉ-
maꞌ (poss: amapu) (cf: maꞌswa; cf: moroiꞌ) n a structure built across a creek to block and catch the fish in the creek as they try to swim back into the river; the fish trap used in same (sometimes called maswa)
ma var. of maka
ma vt pour, especially of a liquid Ɨnʉꞌ uya rɨ emenaꞌ wine ma pʉra esi penaroꞌ itenpʉꞌpʉ yaꞌ. No one pours new wine into old wineskins.
Maꞌeru pai nprop the name given to a savannah place along the Kako River
maiꞌ nom 1headache, something giving one a headache Ɨri pe, maiꞌ pe iyesi. It is bad, it gives you a headache. 2something bitter in smell or taste Maiꞌ pe kasiri esi. The kaziri is bitter smelling/tasting. syn: iꞌneꞌ . 3something poisonous syn: iꞌkʉrakɨ . 4something alcoholic and/or sweet in flavour, especially strong to make one drunk
maiꞌ n a variety of tree, kunter tree, agouti eat the seeds
maikan n a variety of fox
Maikanaimɨ nprop the name given to a creek in the savannah near the James' shop, near Sinau yen
maikanmoꞌ n a variety of rope
maikoꞌ n an evil spirit of the forest
maiꞌkwaꞌ n (non-possessed) a variety of water fowl
maimu var. of main
maimuꞌka vt make one hoarse, cause one to lose one's voice, make one not able to talk
eꞌmaimuꞌka (der.) (var emaimuꞌka) vr dumb
maimukʉ vt 1answer Toꞌ maimukʉꞌpʉ John uya. John answered them. syn: eikʉ 2 . 2refute ɨyeyaton non uya amaimukʉ namaiꞌ your enemies refute you 3imitate, answer with a similar call Kʉꞌmaimuꞌpɨtʉi! Don't imitate (the bird's call)!
maimupa (var: wemaimupa) vt 1encourage someone to repent, pray to change someone Pasiko, maimupa toꞌ uya, inuꞌtɨkɨ, Papa. Woman, they repent, bring it down, God. 2pray for someone
main (var: maimu; poss: amaimu) n 1word or words 2speech 3recorded or reported speech
maimuꞌtɨ (der.) vt tell
main (var: maimu; poss: amaimu) n 1word or words 2speech 3recorded or reported speech
maimuꞌtɨ (der.) vt tell
main aworon someone who is obedient
main entaino someone who is disobedient
mainakeꞌ n farmer
mainanpa vt 1watch karimeru amʉꞌ mainanpa pɨꞌ teꞌsan shepherds (those who watch over many sheep) 2mind
eꞌmainanpa (der.) vr watch
mainarʉ (poss: amainarʉ) (cf: umɨ) n someone's farm umainarʉ yaꞌ into my farm
mainta vr make a frown
maipa (cf: wairawoꞌ; cf: kuran; cf: akarasa; cf: poro) n (non-possessed) a variety of waiti tree with long seed pods