Akawaio-English Dictionary



opa (poss: ɨyopari) n a woven serving tray for serving cassava bread
oꞌpamʉ vi come back to life, be resurrected Mɨrɨpan itoꞌpamʉꞌpʉ kaꞌpon pe si iyenaꞌpʉ aꞌneꞌ pe. And then he was resurrected as a person, as a piaichang.
utoꞌpamʉ (der.) vr recover
oꞌpan n 1a variety of fruit tree 2fruit of the same tree
opara n (non-possessed) a variety of stinging black ant Prenolepis longicornis
opaꞌwʉ n (non-possessed) island
Oꞌraimɨ nprop the name given to a giant who makes the same sound as the okʉra bird
Orana pai nprop the name given to a settlement along the Middle Mazaruni, near Enaku
orekoꞌ (poss: ɨyorekoꞌsi) n Holy Spirit; Holy Ghost Orekoꞌ si maimu, Areruya sikupʉi. The Holy Spirit's word, I am doing Alleluia. syn: Papa Aꞌkwarʉ .
oriꞌori (poss: ɨyoriꞌorii) n a square, woven spatula used to flip cassava bread on the griddle and fan the flame of the fire
oro n 1(non-possessed) a variety of tree Ina iwʉꞌ oroꞌtɨꞌpʉ uya. I put up slats of wood on our house. 2the wood of the oro tree, cut up into slats for roofing on which shingles or tin are nailed
oroioroi n (non-possessed) a variety of bird, also called mam suwa
oroꞌpai (poss: ɨworoꞌpai) n waist
Orosikoꞌ (cf: ; cf: Poitoꞌma) n 1(non-possessed) the name given to a group of 'wild people' living between Akawayo area and the Venezuela border without any outside contact who are trying to maintain their hidden lifestyle 2spirits who are active people in relating to the piaichang.
oroꞌtɨ vt build a house; in particular, putting up the horizontal slats (oro) of the roof of a thatched roofed house Mʉoroꞌtɨyan peꞌ? Are you building?
Oroꞌwan ken nprop the name given to a creek mouth along the Upper Mazaruni River, above Imbaimadai
oroꞌwe n a variety of small parrot
orʉ n 1world, the earth syn: inonkʉiran, urayanta . 2worldly things, the wicked things that distract a spiritual (Alleluia) person Ɨri pe man orʉ man, Papa uyaponoꞌ pe pʉra The world is wicked, God. It is not my throne.
osi n a small variety of calabash, the plant that bears same
osi (var: wosi) n (non-possessed) a variety of fresh-water shrimp
Osi nprop the name given to a waterfall near Paruima
oso adv a word of surprise at the beauty of something
osorʉwau 1n (non-possessed) three osorʉwau teꞌkwa three times 2third itosorʉwanno third
osorʉwawon (attrib.) n
osorʉwauꞌne adv three by three
osorʉwawon (attrib. of osorʉwau) n three things
osorʉwau 1n (non-possessed) three osorʉwau teꞌkwa three times 2third itosorʉwanno third
osorʉwawon (attrib.) n