Akawaio-English Dictionary


Wairaꞌmaꞌpʉ nprop the name given to an area up the Kako River from Kako village
wairarimɨ n 1(non-possessed) a variety of large tiger; usually in fictional stories 2lion 3animal with horns, bigger than a cow
wairawoꞌ (cf: akarasa; cf: maipa; cf: kuran; cf: poro) n a variety of fruit tree, waiti
waisoro n (non-possessed) a variety of sparrow; small, black and white, river skimmer Hirundo erythrogaster
waitamera n a variety of bird, swallow puff bird Chelidoptero tenebrosa
waitoꞌ 1the shape of a woodskin canoe Waitoꞌ pe ɨiwʉꞌ esi. Your house is the shape of a woodskin canoe. 2inside surface of a container iwaitoꞌpan his interior
waitururu n funnel, often made from calabash
waitʉtʉ n (non-possessed) a variety of bird well-known for its song
Waitʉtʉ yen nprop the name given to a settlement where the Hunters' ancestor was raised; about six miles from Ipana'muru pai
waiyo (var: waiyoꞌpan; poss: awaiyori) (cf: ineꞌneꞌ) n salt
waiyoꞌpan var. of waiyo
waꞌka (poss: awaꞌkari) n axe
wakapu n the supporting posts of a house
waꞌkapun something made of metal, steel, or cast iron
wakaꞌta n a variety of bird, same as kuyapo', toucan syn: kuyapoꞌ .
wakau n (non-possessed) butterfly, a general term Rhopalocera
wakawaꞌ (poss: awakawakʉ) n 1traditional backpack, three-sided and enclosed 2purse
wakawaꞌ n 1a variety of tree from which inner bark is peeled for use as head and shoulder straps on back packs 2a variety of vine
wakoꞌwa n (non-possessed) a variety of bird, a dove Columba speciosa
wakʉ nom 1someone or something good Wakʉ pe uriꞌsan esi. The girl is good. opp: ɨri 2 . 2someone or something perfect 3someone or something quiet 4someone or something peaceful 5someone or something clean opp: ɨri 1 . 6someone or something beautiful 7something or someone holy Wakʉ Aꞌkwarʉ the Holy Spirit
waꞌkʉtʉ vt 1shield Uwaꞌkʉꞌsaꞌ yʉi uya. The tree stopped me (by falling in front of me). Uwaꞌkʉꞌkaꞌseꞌna. I'm stopping you (to take passage on your boat). 2stop 3block Tuꞌkan nɨ epopɨꞌsaꞌ uya man waꞌkʉꞌpɨꞌnin. Plenty people I find who block me (from going). 4divide
eꞌwaꞌkʉtʉ (der.) vr shield
waꞌkwama (poss: awaꞌkwamai) n 1a variety of vine 2a variety of natural rope from the vine of the same name, used in tying down a thatch roof, also called nibi gen: nipi 2 .
wan nom someone hungry Iwan pe iyesi. He is hungry. opp: taꞌreꞌ .
wana n a variety of tree, often cut and used as a walking stick wana yeꞌ the wana tree
wanaꞌ (poss: awanapu) n 1grass, a general term 2weed, a general term