Akawaio-English Dictionary


waraꞌ (cf: warakapuri) n (non-possessed) a variety of large, scaled fish, yarrau Hoplerythrimis unitaeniatus gen: tʉpiꞌpɨkenan .
wara n a variety of large catfish Brachyplatystoma filamente
wara n soup made from the drippings from squeezing the grated cassava
warai (var: waraino) postp like, resembling Kaꞌpon amʉꞌ utɨꞌpʉ bell warai si arɨꞌpʉ toꞌ uya. The people went and they took something like a bell with them. syn: kasa .
waraiꞌka vt scratch Iꞌpai waraiꞌkaꞌpʉ iya. He scratched her head.
eꞌwaraiꞌka (der.) vr scratch
waraino var. of warai
waraito (poss: awaraito) (cf: eꞌse) n used by a male to refer to his female cousin and vice versa; indirect address
warakapuri (cf: waraꞌ) n 1young yarrau fish 2a variety of fish, yarrau Hoplerythrimis unitaeniatus
warakwa var. of warauka
warama (poss: awarama) n eyebrow
warama siꞌpoꞌ n brow hair
waramari var. of wanamari
waramatan n a variety of tree with yellow flowers
warami n (non-possessed) a variety of bird, red pigeon
warami are a variety of palm tree
warapari n a variety of tree
warara n (non-possessed) a variety of turtle, possibly only found in the Rupununi area
waraꞌtɨ joker, a person rarely serious Waraꞌtɨ pe iyesi. He is a joker.
warau nom something open Warau pan iyesiꞌpʉ. It was open.
warauka (var: warakwa) vt 1open Iwarakwaꞌpʉ uya. I opened it. syn: aꞌkoka . 2spread out
eꞌwarauka (der.) vi opened
waraꞌuri n (non-possessed) a variety of swimming caterpillar
warawoꞌ n 1boy 2young man 3any male
warepan n an variety of indigenous singing and dancing
Wariꞌ nprop the name given to a creek on the Upper Mazaruni River upriver from Jawalla village on the right bank of the Mazaruni, near the William farm landing
Wariꞌ ken nprop the name of a settlement near to Pipiri pai, near the Donald family settlement