Akawaio-English Dictionary


warikɨ n a variety of sloth-like animal
Wariꞌkwaimɨ nprop the name given to a settlement in the Jawalla District; bottom-side from A'piu pai, along the Upper Mazaruni River; also a location above Inbaimadai (?); also a location above Kako on the Kako River (?)
warima n (non-possessed) a variety of tree from which roofing slats are cut
warin (var: warinpa) n (non-possessed) search
warin n a variety of vine used as a frame for back packs
warinpa (var iwa) var. of warin 1) vt look for or search for Iwarinpaꞌpʉ toꞌ uya. They searched for him. 2) n search
wariꞌsa (poss: awariꞌsarʉ) n traditional Akawayo backpack with three sides and a bottom; filled and tied closed with string and strapped to one's back with shoulder and/or head straps
warisimɨ n a variety of anteater
waroꞌkoꞌko n a variety of woodpecker
warokopa n a basket mostly made to hold poisoned darts
waroꞌma n (non-possessed) a variety of fine frog, edible, lives on land
waroꞌmapɨ n (non-possessed) a variety of bitter cassava
waropai n a variety of ground provision or tuber, similar to dasheen
waruwa (poss: awaruwaai) n 1a variety of tree, candlewood tree Parinari sp. 2incense from the candlewood tree 3a substance from a tree used to light a fire 4a portable torch made with the same sap
warʉkɨ n 1(non-possessed) a variety of tree bearing seeds, the nut of which is sweetly edible 2a variety of nut from the same tree
wasaꞌ vt 1mash Suruwa wasaꞌkaꞌpʉ uya. I mashed suruwa. syn: eꞌpa 2 . 2crush 3crush with one's foot, stamp
wasa n large intestine
waꞌseꞌma (cf: waꞌ) n anus
waꞌseꞌnaukwa vr wipe oneself after defecating
wasiwiya n a variety of palm tree
wata n a spirit stone, used by piyai'san or shamans to discern spirits
watakon (cf: isakon) n companion; someone always near one, as a young child with his mother
waꞌtakuran n a variety of tree, the leaves of which are used to relieve cold symptoms
waꞌtana n 1a special type of weapon used in warfare in ages past 2club
watapu n horn Watapu turunpaꞌpʉ iya. He blew the horn. cf: retʉ 1 .