The Akawaio language is spoken by 5,000 to 6,000 people, most of whom live in the northwest section of Guyana, though not along the coast, with some living in far eastern Venezuela and far north-central Brazil.

The data in this bilingual dictionary was collected and organized over a period of 14 years by Ray Stegeman and Dee Stegeman, language development staff affiliated with SIL International, with the participation of many members of the Akawaio language community throughout the Upper Mazaruni River area. The Stegemans worked with the Akawaio community to complete various Akawaio language development projects, including: a practical alphabet based on Akawaio phonology and morphophonology; over 30 literacy primers and reading books; the lexical database for this dictionary; and a translation of the New Testament.

We hope that the Akawaio language community will continue to develop the lexical database to preserve this important part of their cultural heritage.