1, 2, 3... noun class
5/6, 7/6. noun gender
1sg., 1S. first person singular
1pl., 1P. first person plural
2sg., 2S. second person singular
2pl., 2P. second person plural
3sg., 3S. third person singular
3pl., 3P. third person plural
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
adv.deg. adverb of degree
adv.l. adverb of location
adv.m. adverb of manner adverb phrase
adv.q. question adverb
adv.s. sentence adverb
adv.t. adverb of time
am. associative marker
Ant. antonym
AP associative phrase
aux. auxiliary
cf. see; compare
clit. clitic
Cntx.var. contextual variant
Comp. compound
conj. conjunction
Contr. contraction
dem. demonstrative
dem~. pre-nominal demonstrative
~dem. post-nominal demonstrative
Der. derived form
Dial.var. dialect variant
EL Elung
emph.dem. emphatic demonstrative
excl. exclamation
exp. expression
Fut. future tense
Fut.Neg. future negative
ideo. ideophone
Impf. imperfective aspect
Infl.var. inflectional variant
k.o. kind of
Lit. literally
mod. modifier
NB Northern Bakossi
n. noun
n.mod. modifier noun
n.num. numeral noun noun phrase proper noun
Neg. negative form
NN Nninong
num. numeral
num.q. num. question word
part. particle
Perf. perfect aspect
pfx. prefix
pl. plural
poss. possessive
poss.l. locative possessive
prep. preposition
pro. pronoun
pro.s. pro-sentence
Prov. proverb
qu. question marker
quant. quantifier
rel. relative
rp. reporting particle
SB Southern Bakossi
sb. somebody
sfx. suffix
sg. singular
sm. subject marker
sp. species
Sp.var. spelling variant
sth. something
Syn. synonym term of address
tit. title
tm. tense marker
UB. Upper Bakossi
v. verb
vi. intransitive verb
vt. transitive verb
v.adj. adjectival verb
v.adj.aux. adjectival auxiliary verb adjectival phrasal verb
v.aux. auxiliary verb
v.exp. verbal expression phrasal verb
Var. variant form
voc. vocative
WB Western Bakossi