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aʔa1used for connecting modified and modifying elements in complex nominal construction (adjectival modification and relative clauses in cross-linguistic terms). The occurrence of the form is obligatory. The construction is available for such modifiers as adjectives, numerals, some temporal formatives, verb phrases. meddigsèn a pu:nèd aydi: bègbègstrong rain and windssi:pang a langit/bulan/dagunone day/month/yearaytay a o:rasnow, the time nowi ma:lap didi ama=mi=ti a lamanthe wild pigs that can be caught by our fathersLinumattong=tid a attanan tidi animal=i.They have all gone outside, the animals.2used for connecting modified and modifying words or phrases in the adverbial construction. In some cases, the two elements are symmetrical in terms of the headedness.Awan=a mebbilèg a maddima.Do not walk fast.Ay wanga:r=i, mambu:lubulus a minarapu ti meddingatu a talun.The stream flows coming from high mountains.A:no meddiso:no: a panno:no:tèn=mu?What are you thinking seriously?Mangay=te:=tid ta lattong a awan ta ba:baruwasi=di a pakakkèrèwèg ti diso:no=ni.They just go outside, wearing no clothes, going into (the forest). (the two manner phrases following the motion verb)Appat a dagun a pangissubèsubèg tidi Arta=y aydi Bukkalot.Arta and Bugkalot groups were fighting for four years (temporal adverbial phrases).ayde:tay a dupu: =de: =tèn.I became old now.arta06483complementizer, used for introducing a complement clause after a matrix verb. In this usage, the use of the form is optional.Nabalin=de:=tèn a nandasag ti mabaw=i.I finished cooking the rice.A:no kabbat=mu a ibud.What do you want to say? What do you mean? Isugnud na Dios a pumu:nèd.God shall let it rain.Awan=mu pappa:bayan a mappati=tid.Do not let (lit. neglect, leave) them die.Amma adini kabbat =di a e:nan =mi, pubbunbunan.Wherever they might want us to go, we moved a ki:gadki:gad
a'da:nuʔaʔdaːnounspec. var. ofadda:nu
abaʔabacfbidi:yuka:dingpandinn.matManggimit=tid ta aba.They weave a mat."aba" was a prominent cultural product by Arta women, which is made from "bidi:yu" and other kinds of palm leaves. They used to sell it to non-Arta people to buy rice, cloths, and other groceries.aba'abbaʔabaʔabban.kind of basketry technique, crossed weave
abaga:tanʔabagaːtanPAn *SabaRat (south wind?)n.southantdibiliw
aba:laʔabaːlabothersomeaba:lanʔabaːlanLVbother, disturb sbAba:lan=tataw da atti: session=ta.I am bothering you because we have our session.
aba:lanʔabaːlander. ofaba:laaba:la
abang1ʔabaŋn.boatManggimi:t=a ta ka:man a abangMake a big boat (ark).
abang2ʔabaŋn.mangabangmaŋabaŋAVwait for somethingmangabang=tid ta bus.They will wait for the bus.
abayʔabajside by sidemangabaymaŋabajAVform a single rowmangi''abaymaŋiʔʔabajintr.vstay, sit down, stand next to each other in a single rowti''abaytiʔʔabajstat.vbe staying side by side, be forming a single row
abbitʔabbitn.a cloth sling for carrying a babyabbi:tènʔabbiːtənPVcarry a baby with a clothmangabbitmaŋabbitAVya:bitjaːbitCVbring someone with a cloth to somewhere
abèlʔabəèlmɛːabəlpot.vbent over on the ground by wind, rain, or typhoon (of rice stalks)Mine:abèl i pagay.The rice stalks bent over on the ground.
abi:ʔabiːaba:bi:all parts of one's body1n.body, trunk, torsoAwan ka:man i abi:=na=y.His body is not big.Mepeppasu i langit=i. Attanan=di a aba:bi:=na mangasèssub=diThe sunshine was hot. All parts of the body were perspiringarta0632Maski awan masentro a:yi: abi: na to:lay, aytidi Ilongot=i, mappati=d i Ilongot.Even if (the arrow) grazes a man's body, that of Ilongots, the Ilongots should be dead (because we used to use poisonous arrows). arta06352n.a side of a jar, cup, bottle, or other kidns of ontainer; backrest of a chairpinakang'abi:pinakaŋʔabiː's sibstitute, replacement (as when a person is going to the meeting on behalf of another because the one is being sick)Pinakang'abi:=tataw.You are my substitute, replacement.
abinʔabinn.abinènʔabinənPVcarry something (e.g. money, rice, betel nuts) by utilizing part of one's dressingmangabinmaŋabinAVdo cloth-carrying Mangabin=tid ta baggat.They will carry rice with one's clothes
abitʔabitn.looking for, searchingabitènʔabitənPVsearch for, look formangabitmaŋabitpa:ngabitAVsearchTillisu: ta diso:no: na karagatan ta langit, konta pa:ngabit anèn=na ta biyungèt.(Eels) are hiding in the rock in the daytime, but search for food in the night.synmangaramadder. ofaramadhayoksearch for
ablègn.species of treebenwang
ablu:nʔabluː a medical treatment (of a faith healer "bunu:gan")The medical treatment by a faith healer typically consisted of (i) chanting "leave here, the spirit!", (ii) giving a massage, and (iii) spitting on the patient's head (in particular, a point around one's hair whorl), the back of one's neck, and the pit of the stomach.ablu:nènʔabluːnənabablu:nènPVgive a medical treatment (of a faith healer "bunu:gan")Éblu:nèn ni bunu:gan=i i paditèng=mu.The faith healer will cure your desease.Amma atti: dupu:, bunu:gan a dupu:, angin=na abablunèn, saya i mapi:piya=d i anan=na=y.If there is an old man, who is a faith healer, he goes to massage them, so his child gets better.arta0653
abu1ʔabon.ashAmma mambunbun=tid ti ayti talun=i, angay=na=d karakaraykayan i dupug ni apuy, abu ni dut.If they stay there in the mountain, it (a chicken) sweeps the ash of the fireplace.arta0652syndupugabuwabu:ènadj.ashy, covered with ashAbuwabu:èn=di kanakannak=i.The child is covered with'abumaʔabopot.vbe faded, discoloredMina'abu i agi.The cloth is faded.
abu2ʔabounspec. var. ofèbu2
abuhu:ʔabuhuːunspec. var. ofaburu:
abu:luyʔabuːlujn.contributionyabu:luyjabuːlujtr.vgive sth to sb as a contribution to sbYabu:luy=mu ta nappati.Give something to the dead.abu:luy
aburi:duʔaburiː anxious, tidturbed, be in a troubleAburi:du=tid aytay da awan=tid ta panga:nèn, anèn, aydiè mekkayèng=tid a mantraba:ho.They are disturbed now because they do not have anything to eat but feel lazy to work.aburiduconfused, obsessedaburidoworried, obsessed, disturbed
aburu:ʔaburuːunspec. var.abuhu:n.suspect of the significant other' unfaithfulnessmangaburu:maŋaburuːAVsuspect that one's wife or husband has an infedilitymangaburu:=tèn ta asawa=ku.I am suspectious of my spouse's his/her infedility.abuhu
abut1ʔabutn.holeNattannag=di ti abut=ti.It has fallen into that hole.abut na talingaearhole, lug-holema'abutanmaʔabutanpot.vthere being a cavity somewhereMeddègès i ramarama=ku=y da na'abutan=di.My finger is painful because a cavitiy was made (by a dangerous fish with a hook)