Credits & acknowledgements


This is the first trial edition of an Ashe-English-Hausa dictionary. It grew out of the Ashe Orthography Workshop led by Mike Rueck in Kurmin Jibrin from July 25 to August 5, 2016.  Participants included:

Catechist Moses Sabo of Gardi

Alexander Joseph of Sabon Gari Katugal

Arams Zachariah of Nkojo

Musa Peter Gugah of Kurmin Jibrin

James Joseph of Kondoro

Gideon Madaki of Kondoro

Education Secretary (ret.) Zachariah of Kukui.


Many of the words Mike first saw in a wordlist collected by Roger Blench, Barau Kato, and Jonathan Barnhoorn, from Pastor Danjuma Daka and Peter Dogo in May of 2009.


Several residents of Kukui have also assisted Mike in his efforts to learn the Ashe language, including Sarah Adamu, John J. Haruna, Baba Tamande, Danjuma Kaduna, Danlami Kura, Martins Ambrose, Veronica Ambrose, Monday Garba, Golfa Philip, Josiah Kaduna, Timothy Adamu, Faith Adamu, Lucky and others whose names he, unfortunately, cannot recall.  Mike is grateful for all of their patient help.  Some of the results are reflected in this book.  Thanks are due, too, to David Rowbory for help in bringing it to publication.


Ashe Bible translators Arams Zachariah and Gideon Madaki have supplied further corrections over the last year.   Despite our best efforts, there are surely many mistakes remaining.  If you notice some, please comment about those entries so that they may be corrected.