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yu-at [yu-át] n Dislocated joint. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.)

yogyog [yógyog] v To jig; to move from side-to-side, back-and-forth; to jiggle something. yogyog Ida gingyogyog ka puno it mangga para mahuyog kag mga hinog nak bunga. He moved the mango tree from side-to-side so the ripe fruits would fall down.

yokyok [yokyók] v To fish in shallows with hook and short line (as for small fish). namingwit Nagyokyok kag mga anak it haluan sa palaisdaan. The children fished with hook and short line for the mudfish in the fishpond. (sem. domains: - Fish with hooks.)

yomyom [yómyom] vbt To sit on eggs (as of a hen in order to hatch the eggs). lilim Ingyumyumaney it guyang kag ida itlog tuna tahapon. The hen has been sitting on her eggs since yesterday.

yongyong [yóngyong] v To crouch with heads down especially birds when sick, wet. nagkasakit Nagyongyong tong tanan namong manok dahil ngkasakit. All our chickens crouched with their heads down because they were sick.

yopyop [yópyop] vbt To drink. inom Ingyopyop nida tong sabaw it isra. He drank the broth of the fish.

yoyo₁ [yóyò] vt To slit the throat, or cut off the head of (a chicken, pig, etc.) in order to kill and butcher it. gilit ng leeg Buko ako kag mayoyo it manok. I won’t be the one who to slit the chicken’s throat.

yoyo₂ [yóyo] n Yo-yo toy. yoyo Abang ayo si Meriel mag-idamo it yoyo. Meriel is very good in playing with a yoyo. (sem. domains: 4.2.7 - Play, fun.)

yu-ar [yu-ár] sp. var. of yuar

yoga [yogá] n Trance, astral travel, out of body experience, as in meditation with yoga

yo-yo [yó-yò] v To slit, cut the throat of an animal, bird (person?) being slaughtered (as of a small cut to jugular veins so the blood will drain out). katay Pipia anay kag liog it manok bag-o yo-yoon. Beat the neck of the chicken before slitting its throat. (sem. domains: - Food from animals.)

yo-go₂ [yó-gò] v To shake something (as of a bottle of medicine). alog Ako gingpakayo-go kag buyong bag-o ipainom sa anak. I had the medicine shaken first before letting the child take it.

yinunuhan [yinunuhán] (der. of yuno) n Shed skin; molting.

yo-go₁ [yó-gò] adj Slightly undercooked grains, rice. hilaw syn: og-og, mayo-go, pyabantuyan. der. mayo-go

yinubir [yinúbir] Twisted hard bread roll. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.)

yinumakan [yinumákan] n A banana dish, made by boiling bananas, then mashing them and mixing with grated coconut, sugar and margarine. Can also be made with cassava in the same way. (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)

yinakaran it buyan [yinakáran it búyan] n Abnormal development of coconut fruit with small amount of flesh. (sem. domains: - Crop failure, - Food from fruit.)

yinakar it buyan [yinakár it búyan] id 1Coconut with meat and juice but makes no sound when shaken. 2Lunatic; a person with mental problems; a loony person, perhaps more frequent during full moon.

yima [yímà] n Peanut candy made with milk. yema

yinábog [yinábog] n A banana dish, made by chopping and cooking the fruit in coconut milk, with or without sugar. (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)

yayugan [yayúgan] n Container for pig’s food. lalagyan ng pagkaing baboy Natumba kag yayugan it baktin ag naudak kag suyor nak baho. The container for the pig’s food fell on its side and the smelly contents spilled out.

yayog [yayóg] n Pig’s food. pagkain ng baboy karako kag inra natipon nak yayog tong maghanra sinra sa kasay ni Teri. They saved a big amount of pig’s food when they prepared for Teri’s wedding.

yayangon [yayángon] v To take, handle things without asking. (sem. domains: - Refuse permission.)

yayan₂ [yayán] 11.1vt To eat something on its own, such as jam, peanut butter, etc. papak It gipakayayana raw nida tong peanut butter aber waya’t inbutangang tinapay. She ate on its own the peanut butter even without bread. 22.1v To do alone, one only (as of one person acting alone or doing only one action at a time). Ingyayan nako kinang ako hilamunon nak waya ra it nagbubulig. I did the weeding on my own since there was no one else helping. Kag amo suya ay naubos it yayan it mga anak. The children ate up all our viand on its own without anything else.

yayan₁ [yayán] v To eat raw fish dish. Kag amo isra ay gingyayan yang ninra. They just ate our fish as a raw fish dish.