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abang tugas it uyo [abáng tugás it úyo] (comp. of tugas) id Stubborn; hard headed. [lit: very hard of head] Abang tugas it uyo ag indi mabaoy it usang bisaya tong putong anak nina Gemma. The youngest child of Gemma is stubborn and can't be swayed by anything. (sem. domains: - Stubborn.)

balingag it uyo [balingág it úyo] (comp. of balingag, uyo) id 1Stubborn; arrogant; hard headed. [lit: badly-done head] matigás ang ulo Kag ida anak ay balingag it uyo. His child is a stubborn one. (sem. domains: - Stubborn.) 2Twisted mind (as of giving impolite, inappropriate comments). [lit: badly-done head] (sem. domains: - Bad, 3.2 - Think.)

hunit [húnit] 1adj Hard to do; difficult. Hard of texture; difficult (as of pumping, biting something). matigas Kag hilamonon ay kahunit gigabuton. The grasses are hard to weed. (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, 6.1.3 - Difficult, impossible.) 2adj Hard headed; stubborn. matigas ang ulo Habang nagrarako baga kaling anak ay kahuhunitey it uyo. As this boy grows up he’s becoming stubborn. (sem. domains: - Willing to learn, - Stubborn.) 3v To try hard, do with strong effort, pressure (as of biting hard on tough meat). (sem. domains: 7.7.4 - Press, - Manner of eating.)

indi marayhan [indi maráyhan] adj Adamant; immovable; can’t be influenced. Si Myrna ay indi marayhan it ida mga kaklase nak magpalta sa klase nak mamuyat yang it sine. Myrna can’t be influenced by her classmates to escape from classes just to view a movie. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Stubborn.)

matugas it uyo [matugás it úyo] (comp. of tugas, uyo) id Stubborn, insolent, hard headed. [lit: hard of head] (sem. domains: - Stubborn.)

matugas nak uyo [matúgas nak úyo] (comp. of tugas, nak, uyo) 1adj Hard head (as of a head which is physically hard). [lit: hard which head] Matugas kag ako uyo kung kausa. I am hard headed sometimes. Matugas it uyo kaliong anak. This child is hard headed. (sem. domains: - Hard, firm.) 2id Stubborn, insolent, hard headed. [lit: hard which head] (sem. domains: - Stubborn.)