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abano [abáno] n Fish species which grows13-20cm. galonggong, gigi Kag paboritong isra it mga estudyante sa Maynila ay abano. The favorite fish of some students in Manila is the fish “galonggong” there. [This is a plentiful cheap fish bought by most ordinary families and therefore from which the "price of fish" is estimated in the general market. It is available most of the year except during the monsoon months of August and September.] (sem. domains: - Fish.)

agu-ot [agu-ót] n Fish species; Black Bream. Acanthopagrus berda (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

alibangbang [alibángbang] n Fish species; spotfin butterfly fish. alibangbang [Yellow coloured flat reef fish up to 20cm long with blackline through eye and near tail. It has a small mouth and teeth.] (sem. domains: - Fish.)

arupilan [arupilán] n Crab species which is large and lives on land. It is often cooked in coconut milk. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

badang [badáng] n Fish species; Banded Sweep. Scorpis georgiana (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

badlong [badlóng] n Fish species; Amberjack is a heavy yellow fish with deeply forked tail on a thin stalk, up to 1m. long). Amberjack fish (sem. domains: - Fish.)

bahag-bahag [bahag-báhag] n Fish species; Hagfish (as of salt water eel). Hagfish (sem. domains: - Fish.)

baka-baka [baka-báka] (comp. of baka) n 1Fish species; Cowfish which is a fish up to 30cm long with mottled blue and yellow colors. (sem. domains: - Fish.) 2Shell species; Cowrie (as of the rounded spotted shell that is used in the game of súngkà). [p55 ???WHO] Cypraea genus (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

bakuko [bakúko] n Fish species; Yellow tailed kingfish. Seriola lalandi (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

balinsungay [balinsúngay] n Shell species which is a type of conch with long curved spikes, spurs. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

banahan [banáhan] n Fish species; Coral rock cod. Cephalopholis miniata (Kuiter) (sem. domains: - Fish.)

banderahan [banderahán] n Fish species; Lookdown fish (belongs to the jack family; flat silver-yellow smooth skinned fish up to 22cm long with trailing yellow fins). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

bangkulisan [bangkulisán] n Fish species; tuna. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

bangos [bangós] n Fish species; Milkfish (the Philippine national fish which is very boney). bangús (sem. domains: - Fish.)

bantala-an [bantalá-an] n Fish species which is a large tuna of blackish and silver color. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

bantoy [bantóy] n Fish species; Smooth Anglerfish. Phyllophryne scortea (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.) comp. bantoy gatasan

bapor-bapor [bapor-bápor] (der. of bapor) n Fish species; Longhorn cowfish. Lactoria cornuta (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

barakuda [barakúda] n Fish species; Barracuda. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

barong-barong [barong-baróng] (der. of barong) n Fish species; Small-scale Bullseye. Pempheris compressa (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

bayanak [bayának] n Fish species which is silver and grows to 40cm long. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

bayanwag [bayanwág] n Fish species which is long and large and in the same family with tambiláwan and hamálit. Abang ramo kunong yuta it bayanwag hina sa tungor it Corcuera. There are school of long fish near Corcuera. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

berdihan [berdíhan] (comp. of berdi) n Fish species; Shabby Parrotfish with a greenish colored fish with large scales and a strong smell. It lives near the rocky floor of the ocean. Scarus sordidus (Kuiter) (sem. domains: - Fish.)

bisugo [bisúgò] n Fish species that is a pink and yellow table fish that is prized and expensive. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

bola-bola [bola-bóla] (der. of bola) 1n Fish balls; cakes that are deep fried (as of round ball shaped pieces). (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, - Fish.) 2v To make fish balls. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, - Fish.) 3v To play ball (as of with balls or ball-shaped "balls" made of sand etc.). (sem. domains: - Sports, 4.2.7 - Play, fun.) 4v To make, form into ball-shapes, balls (as of from sand, mud etc.). (sem. domains: - Concave, - Actions of the hand.)

bosbos₂ [bósbos] v To gut, eviscerate, remove the internal organs of any animal, fish or bird. HUMAN (sem. domains: - Fish.)