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aber [abér] 1adv Even. (sem. domains: - Concession.) 2conj Even if; even though. (sem. domains: - Concession.) comp. aber hariin , comp. aber hariing lupalop , comp. aber kanin-o , comp. aber kauno , comp. aber niong rason , comp. aber pariin , comp. aber pauno , comp. aber pila , comp. aber sauno , comp. aber sin-o sa inro , comp. aber sio , comp. aber...o

agar [agár] 1conj Would have... except for; it would be useless to... because of (as of an unexpected or regretable result caused by some previous happening or condition). sana Agar waya ako gisisip-una, nagpauyan ra ako. I would not have got a cold except for the fact that I went out in the rain. Agar indi sida mabada-an it dyip kung waya sida nawili sa rayanan. She wouldn’t have missed the jeep if she wouldn’t have dawdled on the way. Agar ingpayumon nako kag batag, naubos ra gihapon it takaw. It was useless for me to let the bananas ripen because they were just stolen. (sem. domains: - Except.) 2conj Although…nevertheless; despite... nevertheless. Agar indi ako magpali impatawag ra nimo. Although I hadn’t intended to come nevertheless I came because you sent for me. Agar waya sida nahuhuyog, nagpahabig sida. Although she didn’t fall nevertheless she went off the side. (sem. domains: - Concession.) 3part Merely. (sem. domains: - To a small degree.) [] (comp. of ey, pa) part Even though, despite the fact...still...anyway (as of concession contra-expectation). na pa Naghaliney si Juan sa lamesa, nagkakaon pa. John left the table even though the others were still eating. (sem. domains: - Concession.)

kada yang ugaling ay [kadâ yang ugáling ay] conj Even though (as of concession contra-expectation relations, lit:‘therefore just however’). kaya lang naman ay Maado sida kada yang ugaling ay waya gipapanglihok. She’s alright even though she doesn’t talk much. (sem. domains: - Concession.)