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aber kag batong bantiling, mabuka gihapon sa tuyo it tubi [abér kag batóng bantíling, mabúkà gihápon sa túyò it túbì] (comp. of bato, bantiling, bukâ, tuyo, tubi) say Persistence in even small things pays off. [lit: even the hardest stone, will still break with the dripping of water] Aber kag batong bantiling mabuka gihapon sa tuyo it tubi.
Even the hardest stone will still be split apart by the dripping of water.
(sem. domains: - Determined, - Word.)

agom [ágom] v To experience special circumstances (as of either good or bad); to enjoy something good; to endure or bear pain. nakamtan Kada ninra naaguman kag maadong pangabuhi ay ingbuligan sinra it mayamang hali. The reason why they have experienced good things in life is because their wealthy relative helped them. Nagpaibang banwa sida matapos ida maagoman kag kabiguan sa negosyo. gShe went abroad after she had experienced failure in business. (sem. domains: - Determined, 3.4.1 - Feel good, 3.2.2 - Learn.)

batido [batído] adj Strong character; not shy; resolute enough to face people and endure whatever troubles, consequences may come. matibay Batido baga sida sa pagbiyahe-biyahe. She’s strong enough to endure the consequences when travelling. (sem. domains: - Determined.)

buot₁ [bu-ót] 1n A person's will, willpower, sense of self, responsibility, inner-being, feelings (as of the center of one's judgment, desires that gives rise to a sense of right and wrong, of good choices, character, self-image, poise, sense and maturity). isip, bait Kaling amo iro ay pay di buot, maayam gisuguon yuhor. This dog of your’s seems to have personality, he knows what to do when he’s told to kneel. (sem. domains: 3.1 - Soul, spirit.) 2n To want, determine, decide something (as of with one's will power and desires). (sem. domains: 3.3.1 - Decide, plan, 3.3 - Want.) 3v To divinely will, determine, do, perform an action (as of God's active will i.e. He decides and does what He will). (sem. domains: - Determined, 3.3 - Want, 4.9.1 - God.) comp. buot silinggon , comp. maado it buot , comp. maado kag buot , comp. mabug-at kag buot , comp. magaan kag buot , comp. mayain it buot , comp. mayain kag buot , comp. nabilin kag buot , comp. nagpayubag it buot , comp. wayat buot , der. buot , der. kabubut-on

didikar [didikár] adj To dedicate, commit oneself to something good. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Dedicate to religious use.)

hugot sa tigipusuon [hugót sa tigipusú-on] (dial. var. buong puso) (comp. of hugot, tagipusuon) adj Whole heartedly (lit. tight in emotional heart). (sem. domains: - Determined, 9.3.2 - Completely.)

hugot-hugot sa tagipusuon [hugot-húgot sa tagipusú-on] (comp. of tagipusuon, hugot-hugot) adj Faithful; whole-hearted; fervent. taos sa puso Kag mga disipulo ni Kristo ay hugot-hugot sa inra tagipusuon kag pagpalapnag it maadong balita nida. The disciples of Jesus are faithful in preaching his gospel. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Trust, 9.3.2 - Completely.)

hungor sa buot [hungór sa buót] id Sincere; wholeheartedly. Hungor sa buot kag ida pagbulig sa amo. Her help to us was sincere. syn: hungot 3, hugot sa buot. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Tell the truth.)

indi marayhan [indi maráyhan] adj Adamant; immovable; can’t be influenced. Si Myrna ay indi marayhan it ida mga kaklase nak magpalta sa klase nak mamuyat yang it sine. Myrna can’t be influenced by her classmates to escape from classes just to view a movie. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Stubborn.)

kang manang yangey talaga ako [kang Manáng yangéy tálaga akó] id Committed to somebody. Kay Manang na lang talaga ako Kang Manang yangey talaga ako aber sin-o pa kag magbaoy. I am already committed to Manang even though there are still those who want to get me to work for them. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Devout, 3.3.1 - Decide, plan, - Choose.)

matibay it buot [matíbay it buót] (comp. of buot, tibay) id Determined; focused; firm of purpose. (sem. domains: - Determined.)

pagdedikar [pagdedikár] n/ger Dedication, dedicating oneself; being dedicated, committed to doing something good. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Dedicate to religious use.)

pangahas [pangahás] v To dare, game to do something. To try hard to do a difficult task well. Indi si Anding magpangahas kapin pa kung mag-utang it marako. Anding won’t dare to do something especially if he will have to borrow a big amount. (sem. domains: - Determined.)