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abor [ábor] v To hover (as of a bird). Kad agila ay nag-aabor sa mga manok. The eagle is hovering over the chickens. (sem. domains: - Fly.) der. abor-abor

abor-abor [abor-ábor] (der. of abor) v To fly round in circles (as of a bird circling above it's prey). Kag agila ay nag-abor-abor mayungot sa kulungan it manok. The eagle flew around in circles near the poultry pen. (sem. domains: - Fly.)

buyusok [buyúsok] v To swoop, dive down (as of birds or airplanes). bulusok Limang eroplanong Amerikano ka bumutawan sa itaas ag bumuyusok pa ibaba sa Amponggo. Five American planes suddenly appeared above and swooped down low over Mt. Amponggo. (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Fly, - Bird.) der. pagbuyusok

eroplano [eropláno] 1n Airplane. (sem. domains: - Fly.) 2vi To ride, fly in an airplane; to ‘take’ a plane. eropláno Nag-eroplano sida pa-Manila. He took a plane when he went to Manila. (sem. domains: - Fly.)

hugpa [húgpa] v To fly, swoop, come down (as of birds, plane). lumagpak Kag nabaril nak pispis ay sa kuyungan ninra naghugpa. The bird that was shot come down in their roof. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Fly.)

ikog [íkog] 1n Tail, either of an animal as of the long curved tail feather of a rooster, or of an object such as a kite. buntót (sem. domains: - Fly, - Bird.) 2vt To follow somebody closely; to follow at one’s heels. Nag-ikog kag anak sa nanay tong nag-uli pa-banwa. The child followed at her mother’ heels when she came down to town. (sem. domains: - Follow.) comp. ikog it pagi

ikog it eroplano [íkog it eropláno] n Tail of an airplane. buntot ng eroplano (sem. domains: - Fly.)

pagbuyusok [pagbuyúsok] (der. of buyusok) n/ger Swooping, diving down (as of birds or airplanes). (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Fly, - Bird.)

yupar [yupár] vi 1To fly, as of birds, insects. lipád Maramong pisipis nak nagyuyupar kung mauyaney. There are many birds flying when it’s about to rain. Apayuparon nako kag pispis. I’ll let the bird fly. syn: paler 2, syanaw. (sem. domains: - Fly.) 2To forget, day dream, have one's thought elsewhere. (sem. domains: - Imagine.) comp. mataas it yupar , comp. pugar it mga mababa kag yupar

yupar-suor [yupár-súor] vi To fly to where one is; to fly near to somebody. lipad-lapit Nagyupar-suor tong manok sa ingtaong bubor. The chicken flew near to the feed which had been given to them. (sem. domains: - Fly.)