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abtik [ábtik] 1adj Agile, lively, active, energetic, fit. Maabtik gihapon sida aber maguyangey. She’s still energetic even though she’s old. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.) 2sta To be, become agile, lively, active, energetic or fit. maliksi Naabtik sida pagkaehersisyo. He becomes energetic after doing exercise. syn: liksi. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.) 3vt To hasten, speed up or increase the pace. bilisán Ing-abtik nida kag pagpanaw agur indi sida maulihi pa-mitingan. He hastened his walking so that he wouldn’t be late for the meeting. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.) der. maabtik

apura [apurá] 1adv Hurried, hurriedly; bustling; rushed, rushing (as of a movement). (sem. domains: - Move quickly.) 2v To hurry, bustle, rush to do something; to hurry somebody up. apurá Ing-apura it mga tawo kag trabaho sa karsada nak matig-uyaney. Those men are rushing to finish their work on the road because its the start of rainy season. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.) der. apurado

apurado [apurádo] (der. of apura) adj Hurrying; hastening; in a hurry; impatient. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

bag-ong buhi [bag-ong búhì] (comp. of bag-o, buhi) id Frisky; full of life. [lit: new alive] (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

dama₂ [dámà] v 1To step, stand, stamp on something. Ingdamaan nida kag siki nako. She stepped on my feet. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.) 2To insult, denigrate, disgrace somebody's name or reputation. Tong imo inghuman sa ako ay pagdama sa ako ngayan. What you did to me was a sort of disgrace to my name. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Insult.) comp. damaan it siki , comp. ingdamaan kag ako ngayan

grumiti [grumíti] n Deckhands on a ship, motorised pumpboat; crew member. tripulanti Maramong grumiti sa sayap ni Tang Jonny kada marali sinra makatapos. There are many deckhands on Uncle Jonny’s fishing net therefore they finish quickly. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Work hard, - Boat, - Crowd, group, 6.1.1 - Worker, 2 - Person, 7.5.1 - Gather, 7.5.5 - Organize, 2.4.1 - Strong.)

haging [háging] vbt 1To almost hit something; to fly, hover close together; to pass close to something, specifically of a moving, flying object. haging Isutaney sida matumba tong mahagingan sida’t biseklita. She nearly fell down when the bike passed by her very closely. Malagat-lagat humaging kag mga eroplanong tig-ruha’t yawas sa mga bapor it kaaway. Soon the two-bodied aeroplanes hovered close together over the enemy ships. (sem. domains: - Hide your thoughts, - Change your mind, - Insult, - Recognize, - Mock, - Demonstrate.) 2To speak loud enough for somebody to over hear; to speak indirectly to somebody; to purposely let somebody overhear (as of intentionally speaking about something that is meant to be overheard by someone actually present). parinig, parunggit Ingpahagingan nida akot mahapros nak bisaya pag rayan nako sa inra. When I passed by their place, she spoke offensive words loud enough for me to overhear. syn: rungog 1, balita 1, sagap. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Vehicle, - Slip, slide, 2.3.2 - Hear, - Quiet.) der. pahaging

haras-haras [haras-harás] 1adv Messy; done quickly; poorly done or made. dali-dali Marali nak nasira katong kuray dahil haras-haras kag pagkahuman. The fence was easily destroyed because it was poorly done. (sem. domains: - Untidy.) 2adj Careless person. (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Untidy.) 3vt To do something poorly or quickly or carelessly. To rush, be too fast doing something; to be careless in doing something. Ingharas-haras nida it raya kag mga pinggan kada nagkahuyog. She handled the plates carelessly so she dropped them all. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

hugpa [húgpa] v To fly, swoop, come down (as of birds, plane). lumagpak Kag nabaril nak pispis ay sa kuyungan ninra naghugpa. The bird that was shot come down in their roof. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Fly.)

huslo [húslò] 1vi To break away from; to fall off; to come off. Naghuslo kag sunrang sa ida tagob. The machet fell off its sheath. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Weapon, shoot.) 2vbt To remove something from where it’s attached or stuck. nalaglag Inghuslo nako kag takyob it balde. I removed the cover from the pail. syn: likwar 1.2, kapyos 1, payos 1, tangkas, hubar, hukas 2. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something, - Pull.)

kamangan [kamangán] (der. of kamang) 1n Trellis; climbing place for plants. gapang (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.) 2vbt To spread a fire (which is burning). kalat Inagahitan namo sa tunga it mga tanom adong pagnagkasunog ay indi magkamang kag kayado. We cut a firebreak between the crops so that when there is a fire it will not spread. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, 5.5 - Fire.) 3vt To feel somebody’s body with the hand, usually with malicious or lustful intention. gapang Siling it tong tawo ay ida kono akamangon tong kabade isag sa gab-i. The man said that he’ll feel the woman’s body with his hand tonight. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement, 2.3.5 - Sense of touch, - Crawl.)

karera [karéra] 1n Race. (sem. domains: - Sports.) 2vi To race. pátulinán Nagpakarera kag mga jeep pa-Odiongan. The jeepneys went racing to Odiongan. (sem. domains: - Sports, - Move quickly.)

kasamot [kasamót] adj Fast. mabilis Kasamot kag ida hingab tong mayungotey mamatay. His breath was very fast when he was about to die. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Heart, - Quick, 8.4.8 - Speed.)

kaskas [káskas] vt 1To strum a guitar. togtog Ingkaskas nida it makusog kag gitara. He strummed the guitar loudly. syn: kayas. (sem. domains: - Play music, - Musical instrument.) 2To increase in speed (driving, running). tulin Nagkaskas sida it rayagan agor indi maabutan it ida kaaway. She increased her running so that her opponent couldn’t catch up with her. (sem. domains: - Sports, - Move quickly, - Quick, - Run, 8.4.8 - Speed.)

lagpak [lágpak] v To fall, plop with a splash. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

lik-lik [lik-lík] v Disappear, escape quietly one by one. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Run.)

pa-iktin [pa-íktin] adj To jerk, move suddenly, twitch with fright,pain. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

pay bag-ong buhi nak kambing pagliwas it kumbento [pay bág-ong búhì nak kámbing pagliwás it kumbénto] (comp. of bag-o, buhi) adj Frisky as a newly let loose animal. [lit: like newly go-free goat got-out of convent] nakawala Si Santa ay pay bag-ong buhi nak kambing pagliwas it kumbento. Santa seems to be as frisky as a newly let loose goat when she came out of the convent. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

sya-ag [sya-ág] n To scatter abruptly in all directions as of animals, people. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Animal movement.)

yaktor₂ [yáktor] v To step over something; to step, or skip something in a series (such as a meal or skipping pages when reading). laktaw Ingyaktoran nida kag mga buyak sa atubangan it bayay. He stepped over the flowers in front of the house. Inagutom sida ngasing dahil nagyaktor sida it paningugto. He’s now hungry because he skipped lunch. Yaktore kag mga pangutana hina sa eksamin nak buko ninro ayam. Skip the questions here on the test that you don’t know. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

yandras [yandrás] v To make a quick trip to the village from the big townand return immediately. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)