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adag-adag [adag-ádag] (der. of adag) n Shell species; Midas Abalone. [p25 Abbott] Haliotis midae Linne (p25 Abbott). (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

adakap [adákap] n Crab species which is small brown and orange, and lives among rocks by the seashore. alimasag Makikita yang kag adakap sa ragat. You can only see this kind of crab in the sea. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

alikumos [alikúmos] n Crab species which is a small edible yellow and black spotted marine crab found along the rocky shoreline. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

alimango [alimángo] n Crab species which is an edible black and orange crab about 15cm across which is usually found in freshwater mud. alimasag syn: alimasag. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

alimasag [alimásag] n Crab species which is an edible crab about 5cms across, in black and green coloring. katáng syn: alimango. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

amamawík [amamawík] n Crab species which is a small white marine sand crab 2-3cm across. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

amilong [amilóng] n Crab species which is an edible marine crab with black and orange spots about 10cm across. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

ampas [ámpas] n Shell species, which is a snail; Polita Nerite, about 2cm across. [p36 Abbott] Nerita polita Linne (Abbott). (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

ayagihis [ayagíhis] n Shell species; Violet Sanguin Clams or the less plentiful Sunrise Tellin. They look like cream and grey stones (as of 1.5cm diameter and commonly found along the beach at sunrise, slightly buried, at the water’s edge). Karamong agihis nak nakita si Norma sa baybay. Norma found many tiny clams along the seashore. Soletellina violacea Lam.; Tellina radioata L. (sem. domains: - Small animals.) der. pangayagihis

ayagukoy [ayagúkoy] n Crab species which is inedible and about 10cm across, and violet and black in color. They have their holes along the seashore out of the water. Nagpangbaoy it ayagukoy katong mga anak ag inra gingpaaway. The children got those inedible kind of crabs and made them fight. (sem. domains: - Small animals.) der. pangayagukoy

baka-baka [baka-báka] (comp. of baka) n 1Fish species; Cowfish which is a fish up to 30cm long with mottled blue and yellow colors. (sem. domains: - Fish.) 2Shell species; Cowrie (as of the rounded spotted shell that is used in the game of súngkà). [p55 ???WHO] Cypraea genus (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

balat [balát] n Animal species; sea cucumber which is black in color; trepang. balat Kamahay baga kakilo it kaling balat. A kilo of this sea cucumber is very expensive. [These are collected and dried in the sun and then taken to Manila where they are sold as a Chinese delicacy.] (sem. domains: - Food from animals, - Small animals.)

banag [banág] n Shell species; shellfish found in freshwater. (sem. domains: - Small animals.) der. pangbanag

bangi-bangi [bangi-bángì] n Crab species which is a small orange and brown, inedible marine crab with one large and one small claw. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

bay-or [báy-or] n Animal species which is a kind of worm. bad-or (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

bingkay [bíngkay] n An empty, open clam shell. kabibi (sem. domains: - Small animals.) comp. bingkay-bingkay

bingkay-bingkay [bíngkay-bingkay] (comp. of bingkay) n Shell species; European Cockle (5cm in diameter) as of flat, small clam with smooth edges. Cerastoderma edule L. (Abbott p144). (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

bitos [bítos] n Worms that infest people and animals (as of flat worms, round worms etc.). (sem. domains: - Small animals, 2.5.2 - Disease.) der. bituson

bituson [bitúson] (der. of bitos) adj 1Worm infested (as of a person, animal that has round worms, flat worms etc.). (sem. domains: - Small animals, 2.5.2 - Disease.) 2Big tummied (as of a joking expression about a person). (sem. domains: 2.1.2 - Torso.)

bug-atan [bug-átan] (der. of bug-at) n Seashell species; clam, bivalve with heavy flesh, 5cm across, found in tidal mud along the water’s edge. Bubbles come up from where it is buried. Masustansya kag sihi nak bug-atan. These clams are very nutritious. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

bulaklak [bulaklák] n Shell species; Orange-mouthed Olive which is an edible marine shell found on tidal sand, 5cm long and dark grey in color. [p89 Abbott] Oliva sericea Roding Indo-Pacific (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

bulalo₁ [bulálò] (dial. var. buyayo) n Shell species; Tapestry Turban. [p32 Abbott] Turbo petholatus L. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

damel nak umang [dámel nak úmang] (comp. of umang) n Animal species; Horseshoe Crab. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

gahita [gahítà] n Small snake the size of one’s foot. Si Roy ay kinagat it gahita. Roy was bitten by a small snake the size of one’s foot. (sem. domains: - Small animals, - Snake.)

gidawan [gidáwan] n Small edible brown crab that lives in the rocks by the seashore. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)