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adlaw [ádlaw] n 1Sun. áraw (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2Day. (sem. domains: - Day.) comp. adlaw gab-i , comp. adlawey , comp. bug-os nak adlaw , comp. bunga it adlaw , der. adlaw-adlaw , der. adlawan

aninaw [anínaw] 1adj Dimly, slightly, barely, just visible or recognizable. aninaw Aya anay gipilhig nak maaninaw pa kag aga. Don’t go out because the morning is still dim (ie; it’s still early morning). syn: tuhob. (sem. domains: - Appear, 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2vt To see something dimly but not clearly enough to recognize it; to be barely, just, slightly visible. Naaninawan nako katong tawo sa karsada. I can dimly see the man in the street. Naaninawaney kag subat it adlaw. The sunrise is just barely visible now. (sem. domains: - Visible, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

banaagey kag adlaw [baná-agey kag ádlaw] exp Daylight, dawn is already here. [lit: sun's rays-at-dawn already] (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.)

bunggahan [bunggáhan] (dial. var. busngayan) v Open to, facing into, in the path of the wind or sun. Kag inra bayay ay hagtong gador sa bunggahan it hangin. Their house is right there directly in the line of the wind. (sem. domains: - Move forward, - Wind, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

hapon₂ [hápon] time 1Afternoon. hápon (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2Dusk. takipsílim (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) comp. itahapon kag hapon , der. itahapon , der. matighapon

hawong [hawóng] n 1Face; appearance of something; nature of something (as of it’s features). mukha Sida it ingwa it pinakamagandang hawong. She got the most beautiful face. Peligro sa kasadya kag hawong it amo pangabuhi. The nature of our whole way of life and happiness was set at risk. (sem. domains: - Appear, - Look, 2.1.1 - Head.) 2Shade; shadow. Sayduhan baga kinang lamesa sa ingwa it hawong agor buko mainit para sa ato. Please transfer that table to where there’s shade so it is not hot for us. (sem. domains: 7.2.6 - Pursue, 2.4.5 - Rest, 1.1.1 - Sun, - Window.)

ingkaon it bakunawa [ingka-on it bakunáwa] (comp. of kaon, bakunawa) say Eaten by seven-headed snake or dragon (said at the time of an eclipse). (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.)

init [ínit] 1v To hatch eggs, as in a hen sitting on eggs. (sem. domains: - Egg.) 2vt To heat something up such as water, food. Mainit ako it tubi bag-o mapanghugas. I’ll heat the water before washing dishes. Ing-init nako kag sinanrok sa amo. I heated up the food she shared with us. (sem. domains: 5.5.2 - Tend a fire.) 3adj Hot; warm. Mainit kag panahon ngasing. The weather is hot now. Kag kape nida ay mainit pa. His coffee is still hot. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 4n Heat. init Inaliyuhan ako dahil sa init. I’m dizzy because of the heat. Abuhion it Ginoo kag ato kainit sa pagserbisyo sa ida. The Lord will revive our zeal in serving Him. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 5vbt To shine on (ie; the sun). Ingiinitan it adlaw kag amo buyak. The sun is shining on our flowers. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 6vi To feel hot or warm; to be feverish. Inainitan ako dahil sa ako suksok. What I’m wearing is making me feel hot. Tan-a makainit insulip. I hope it will become warm tomorrow. Nagkainit kag anak it gab-i The child became feverish last night. Nainit kag ida uyo pag magulo kag mga anak. He loses his temper when the children are noisy. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) der. mainiton it uyo

kahadagan [kahadágan] (der. of hadag) n 1Light; brightness; shining (as of light). (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2Enlightenment; understanding; comprehension (as of one's thinking). (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think.) 3Enlightenment; revelation (as of psychological or spiritual). (sem. domains: - Christianity, 3.1.2 - Mental state.)

karangga [karángga] adj Warm (as of the heat of the fire or as the weather). mainit (sem. domains: 8.3.4 - Hot, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

kasiga [kasíga] adj “Pop-eyed” (staring); bright. maliwanag (sem. domains: - Moon, - Bright, - Intelligent, - Shine, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

maaninaw [ma-anínaw] adj Dim (as of poor light and only slight visibility). (sem. domains: - Visible, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

pagsubat n/ger Rising of sun, moon. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

pagsugbo [pagsúgbo] n/ger Setting of sun, moon. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

panghudag-hudag [panghudag-húdag] n Before dawn; still dark in the early morning. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.)

pasubaton [pasubáton] adj Towards sunrise. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.)

pasugbuhon [pasugbúhon] adj Towards setting sun. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.)

pikit [píkit] v 1To squint; to wink. pikit Ingpikitan nida tong magandang rayaga. He wink at the beautiful lady. Nagpipikit sida dahil nasisilawan sida sa adlaw ag kahapros kag ida mata. He’s squinting because the sun is bright and his eyes are sore. (sem. domains: - Eye.) 2To squint, as in glare (Calatrava). (sem. domains: - Eye, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

salimangog [salimángog] n Tree species which provides shade, fruit. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.)

sentro [séntro] 1n Centre; middle of somewhere, something. sentro Ay! talagang sentro sida magbaril. 2n Sun directly overhead. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 3v To aim for the centre, bull’s eye of target; centre in basketball; to put something in the centre of somewhere. Gingsentro nako it bunggo kag bola sa basket bol net. I aimed to throw the ball into the basket ball net.

silak [sílak] 1adj Bright; shiney; glarey. Abang ado kag silak ngasing. The sunlight is good this morning. 2n Heat of sun, rays. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 3vt To shine (as of sunlight); to be bright (as of the sky, sun). maaraw Masilak ra kali isag pag mahuyawey kag uyan. It will be bright again later when the rain stops. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.)

silaw [sílaw] v 1To glare or shine (as of a bright light on the sun). silaw Ingpasilawan ni Tinoy it linti tong iro para indi sida’g kagton. Tinoy let the flashlite shine on the dog so he wouldn’t be bitten. Nagsisilaw kag koryente sa karsada aber bagyo. The electricity is shining on the street even though there’s a typhoon. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2To be dazzled, fascinated by something (as of money, things, a woman in the figurative sense). nasilaw Nasilaw sinra sa magandang gamit it inra kayungot. They were dazzled by the lovely things in their neighborhood. (sem. domains: - Pleased with.) der. pasilaw

subat₁ [subát] 1n Sunrise; moonrise. Subat it Byernes kami mahalin. We will leave on Friday, by sunrise. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2vi To rise, as of the sun or moon. pagsikat ng araw Nagsusubat kag adlaw it alas sais. The sun rises at six o’clock. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.) der. subatan

sugbo₂ [súgbo] (irreg. infl. tunor) 1n Sunset; moonset. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2v To set, go down especially of the sun, moon. lubog Asing waya pa ikaw napauli sa inra ay diliy ikaw naabutan it pagsugbo it adlaw sa amo. Why haven’t you gone home to your place yet you’ve been caught here at our place by the setting sun. Mapauli ako pagsugbo it adlaw. I’ll go home before sunset. der. sugbuhan

sumo [súmo] vi To go out in the rain/heat without a umbrella/coat; to go out on the sea in rough weather. sagasa sa ulan Nagsumo sida sa makusog nak uyan para hanapon kag ida nakabuhi nak karabaw. He went out in the heavy rain to look for the buffalo that got away. (sem. domains: 1.3.4 - Be in water, 1.1.1 - Sun.)
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