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adlaw [ádlaw] n 1Sun. áraw (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2Day. (sem. domains: - Day.) comp. adlaw gab-i , comp. adlawey , comp. bug-os nak adlaw , comp. bunga it adlaw , der. adlaw-adlaw , der. adlawan

adlaw gab-i [ádlaw gáb-i] (comp. of adlaw, gab-i) time Day and night. [lit. day night] Adlaw gab-i si Ana it pagserbisyo sa ida di sakit nak lolo. Day and night Ana is attending to her sick grandfather. (sem. domains: - Day.)

adlaw-adlaw [adlaw-ádlaw] (der. of adlaw) time Every day; daily; day by day. (sem. domains: - Day.)

adlawan [adláwan] (der. of adlaw) v To come late in the morning when it's already daylight or well into the morning. (sem. domains: - Day, - After.)

adlawey [ádlawey] (comp. of adlaw) time Late in the morning; already daylight, well into the morning or day. [There is a cultural expectation that one rises early in the morning to begin any activity or work. [lit. day already]] (sem. domains: - Day, - After.)

aga [ága] 1n Morning. umaga Aga-aga kami gisakay it dyip. It was very early morning when we took the jeep. (sem. domains: - Time of the day.) 2v To spend the night or go till morning doing something. (sem. domains: - Visit, - Day.) comp. aga-aga pa , der. aga-aga , der. agahan , der. paaga , der. paagahan

bug-os nak adlaw [búg-os nak ádlaw] (dial. var. buong adlaw) (comp. of bug-os, adlaw) id Whole day; all day long; throughout the whole day. (sem. domains: - Day, 8.1.5 - All.)

dispiras [dispirás] time Day before, preceeding; eve (as of Christmas Eve etc.). bisperas Naghanra sinra it maramong pagkaon tong dispiras it Pista. They prepared plenty of food the day before the Feast Day. (sem. domains: - Day, - Before.)

huybes [Húybes] n Thursday. huwébes PC (sem. domains: - Day, - Days of the week.)

kaadlawan o pyesta [ka-adláwan o pyésta] id The days, duration of the fiesta. kapistahan (sem. domains: - Day, - Festival, show.)

katong usa pang hapon [katóng úsa pang hápon] time Two days ago. noong isang hapon pa (sem. domains: - Day, - Before.)

katong usa pang Lunes [katóng úsa pang Lúnes] time Two Mondays ago. noong isang lunes (sem. domains: - A long time, - Day, - Before.)