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ag iba pa [ag íba pa] (comp. of ag, iba, pa) id Etcetera, etc. ; as well as other things. [lit: and other more] (sem. domains: - Other.)

iba₂ [ibá] 1n Other, another one. ibá (sem. domains: - Various, - Other.) 2adj Being the other, another. iba Tan-a ay makayakot sa ato tong iba. I hope the other ones will be able to join us. (sem. domains: - Various, - Other.) 3v To change, vary, do something in another way. (sem. domains: - Various, - Other.) 4n Different one. (sem. domains: - Different.) 5adj Different; other, another kind. (sem. domains: - Different.) 6v To change, do something different, strange or unnatural. (sem. domains: - Different, - Various.) comp. ag iba pa , der. iba-iba