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agap [agáp] 1adv Earlier, early. (sem. domains: - Before.) 2vt To do something earlier than planned or expected. agap, maaga Nag-agap sinra’t pauli. They got home earlier than expected. Aagapan nato kag pag-ihaw it baktin. Let’s do the butchering of the pig earlier than that. (sem. domains: - Before.)

dati [dáti] 1time Formerly; in the past; before. dáti Tong dati ay kag nag-istar dili ay docktor. The person who lived here formerly was a doctor. (sem. domains: - Before.) 2adj Former, previous. Nagsubli ako sa ida dating kaibhanan. I took the place of her former companion. (sem. domains: - Before.)

dispiras [dispirás] time Day before, preceeding; eve (as of Christmas Eve etc.). bisperas Naghanra sinra it maramong pagkaon tong dispiras it Pista. They prepared plenty of food the day before the Feast Day. (sem. domains: - Day, - Before.)

hagtoy [hagtóy] loc Already gone from there. andoon na Hagtoy kag dyip bag-o sida makailis. The dyip was already gone before she could get dressed. (sem. domains: - Recently, - Now, - Certainly, definitely, - On time, - Before.)

hingan [híngan] 1part Only then; just, only when (as of a specific time). saka na Hinganey ako nakaydo pag alas onse. At 11 o’clock, it’s only then that I cook. Hingan kag anak natibaw pagnagugutomey. The child cries only when he’s hungry. Buko nak hingan naplastar kung nag-abotey ka bisita. The table is not to be set just when the visitors are already arriving. syn: imaw pa, tama rang. (sem. domains: - Say farewell, - After, - Before.) 2part Very little; not much Waya nako hingan nakita kag ida pagsadaw dahil nag-iistoryahan kami it ako kayungot. I didn’t see very much of her dancing because I was talking to the person next to me. (sem. domains: - Recognize, - Forget.) 3adv A little amount; not much. gaano Waya hingan it hangin ngasing. There is not much wind today. Waya ra hingan it destruso sa mga pananom katong nagligar nak bagyo., There’s not much destruction on plants during the past typhoon. (sem. domains: - Many, much, - Few, little.)

it kuman [it kumán] time Earlier today. kanína (sem. domains: - Now, - Present, - Before.)

it mas aga sa alas kwatro [it mas ága sa álas kwátro] time Earlier than 4:00. mas maaga sa alas kwatro (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time, - Before.)

katong una [katóng úna] time At first; before; in the past. noong una (sem. domains: - Past, - Before.)

katong usa pang hapon [katóng úsa pang hápon] time Two days ago. noong isang hapon pa (sem. domains: - Day, - Before.)

katong usa pang Lunes [katóng úsa pang Lúnes] time Two Mondays ago. noong isang lunes (sem. domains: - A long time, - Day, - Before.)

katong usang adlaw [katóng úsang ádlaw] time Day before yesterday. kamakalawá (sem. domains: - Yesterday, today, tomorrow, - Before.)

kuman [kumán] adj Earlier. PC (sem. domains: - Before.)