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agar [agár] 1conj Would have... except for; it would be useless to... because of (as of an unexpected or regretable result caused by some previous happening or condition). sana Agar waya ako gisisip-una, nagpauyan ra ako. I would not have got a cold except for the fact that I went out in the rain. Agar indi sida mabada-an it dyip kung waya sida nawili sa rayanan. She wouldn’t have missed the jeep if she wouldn’t have dawdled on the way. Agar ingpayumon nako kag batag, naubos ra gihapon it takaw. It was useless for me to let the bananas ripen because they were just stolen. (sem. domains: - Except.) 2conj Although…nevertheless; despite... nevertheless. Agar indi ako magpali impatawag ra nimo. Although I hadn’t intended to come nevertheless I came because you sent for me. Agar waya sida nahuhuyog, nagpahabig sida. Although she didn’t fall nevertheless she went off the side. (sem. domains: - Concession.) 3part Merely. (sem. domains: - To a small degree.)

ari₂ [árì] 1excl That's possible! (sem. domains: - To a small degree.) 2vi To accept, consider, reckon on something in a certain way (as of viewing something or somebody in a special way whether good or bad). tanggap Ako ging-ari ikaw nak pay tunay nak nanay. I consider you like my real mother. Indi giarion ni Ariane kag sirang sapatos nak ida. Ariane will not accept the torn shoes as hers. syn: kabig, turing. (sem. domains: - Believe, - Accept.) comp. ariey , der. ariarian

hapaw-hapaw [hapaw-hápaw] 1adv Lightly done; superficial; on the surface only; not firmly rooted or grounded. Hapaw-hapaw kag ako katuyog it gab-i dahil maramo kag ako inaisip. I slept lightly last night because I was thinking about many things. Hapaw-hapaw kag ida pagguya sa ako dahil hangit sida sa ako. Her smile to me was superficial because she’s angry with me. (sem. domains: - To a small degree, - Selfish.) 2vt To do something superficially; to slack off. Naghapaw-hapaw yang sida it trabaho dahil waya kag ida amo. She slacked off in her work when her boss wasn’t around. (sem. domains: - Shy, timid, - Disappointed.)

katamtaman [katamtáman] adj Temperate; enough; moderate amount. katamtaman Katamtaman yang it hadag it adlaw kag kailangan it katong ako tanom. My plants only need just enough sunlight. Katamtaman kag klima dili sa Pilipinas. The climate here in the Philippines is temperate. syn: regulado. (sem. domains: - To a small degree, 8.3.4 - Hot, 1.1.3 - Weather.)

katamtaman yang [katamtáman yang] adj Moderate amount; just enough. katamtaman lang (sem. domains: - To a small degree.)