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agit-agit [agit-agít] 1v To tease, mock, provoke somebody into a fight. kinukulit Aya giagit-agita kinang anak para indi magtibaw. Don’t tease the child so it won’t cry. (sem. domains: - Mock.) 2v To flirt with somebody. (sem. domains: - Attract sexually.) 3adj On-and-off especially of rain (as if it's teasing one and preventing washing from drying etc.). Agit-agit kag uyan. The rain is just on and off. (sem. domains: - Regular, - Rain.)

ambi [ámbi] vbt To have rain blow inside a house. anggi Tong waya nida nasirhe kag gaha, pag-ambi ay nabasa kag mga libro sa suyor. When she didn’t close the window, the books inside got wet when the rain blew inside. Naambihan kag mga gamit mayungot sa gaha. The rain blew onto the things close to the window. syn: sayuksok. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

amíhan [amíhan] 1n Strong seasonal wind from the North East which brings rain between October to February; NE monsoon. amihan [The NE monsoon is when most of the bágyo "typhoons" occur locally. It follows the season of habágat "SW monsoon" which brings the time of makúsog nak rágat "rough seas" between June and September.] (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain.) 2loc North Easterly (as of the wind between October and February). (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain.) 3v To have the wind change, turn from the South West to blow from the North East, beginning the NE monsoon season that lasts from October to February. (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain.)

bayangaw [bayangáw] n Rainbow. bahaghárì (sem. domains: - Rain.)

bilangon [bilangón] (der. of bilang) n A way of predicting the weather (as of through counting certain days that represent the whole year). [This is a traditional way of predicting when the monsoon rains will begin and what the strength of the typhoons will be. The first twelve days of the year are seen as representing the twelve months of the year. If it rains on any of these days, the particular time is noted, and it is seen as a prediction of exactly when the rains will come. The strength of the rain and wind is also seen to indicate the strength of the typhoons etc.] (sem. domains: - Prophecy, - Rain, - Predict.)

bugsak [búgsak] 1n Heavy downpour, cloudburst of rain (as of gusts of wind and rain). bagsak Waya nakabiyahe kag mga eroplano pa Baguio dahil marako kag bugsak it uyan. The airplane wasn’t able to fly to Baguio because of the heavy downpour of rain. (sem. domains: - Rain.) 2v To have a downpour, cloudburst of rain (as of gusts of wind and rain). (sem. domains: - Rain.)

bunok [búnok] n Downpour of rain. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

hapay [hápay] 1adj Blown down (by wind or rain). (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain, 7.9.3 - Destroy.) 2vi To become blown down by wind or rain. Naghapay kag mga tanom pag bagyo. The plants became blown down during the typhoon. (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain, 7.9.3 - Destroy.)

humpay [húmpay] vi To stop or cease, as of wind, or rain. tigil na Waya nahumpay kaliong uyan agor makapauliey ako. The rain doesn’t stop so I can go home now. syn: pundo, ruyog, tungon 1, tungon 2, pigil, ampat, punro 1, hupa, pundo-pundo 2. (sem. domains: - Stop something, - Stop moving, - Rain.)

huyaw [húyaw] vi Drizzling, sprinkling, spitting rain; to stop raining. tila ng ulan Naghuyaw nak raan kag uyan. The rain stopped immediately. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

kaputi [kapúti] n Rain coat. kaputi (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing, - Rain.)

kinabade nak uyan [kinabadé nak uyán] idiom - Convert to subentry Changeable rain shower, storm (which suddenly starts and takes a long time to stop). (sem. domains: - Rain.)

marag-om [marág-om] (der. of rag-om) adj Darkening; rainy looking; dull; cloudy (as of weather, sky). (sem. domains: - Cloud, - Dark, - Rain.)

patak [paták] 1v To drip patak Sarhi kag gripo nak nagpapatak kag tubi. Turn off the faucet because the water is dripping. (sem. domains: 1.3.4 - Be in water, - Rain.) 2sta To fall on a certain date. Kag kasay nina Neysa ay napatak ra sa birthday it ida papa. Neysa’s wedding falls on the same date as her father’s birthday. (sem. domains: - Calendar.) der. patak-patak

patak-patak [patak-paták] (der. of patak) 1n Spotting of blood in a woman's menstruation, before birth. (sem. domains: - Female organs.) 2v To sprinkle, give a little, few bits around, here and there. (sem. domains: 1.3.4 - Be in water, - Rain.)

rag-om [rág-om] 1adj Darkening; rainy looking; dull; cloudy (as of weather, sky). makulimlim Waya ninra gituluyan kag inra byahe pa Simara dahil marag-om kag panahon. They didn’t go on with their trip to Simara because of the cloudy weather. syn: gal-om, kulimlim, kunom. (sem. domains: - Cloud, - Dark, - Rain.) 2v To become dark, dull, rainy looking, cloudy (as of rainy weather, sky). (sem. domains: - Cloud, - Dark, - Rain.) der. marag-om

ragasras [ragásras] (dial. var. ragas) 1n Sound of heavy rain. Nagpakarayagan si Joe sa bayay tong marunggan nida kag ragas it uyan. Joe ran hurriedly towards the house when he heard the sound of heavy rain. (sem. domains: - Rain, - Types of sounds.) 2v To rain with a heavy sound. (sem. domains: - Rain, - Types of sounds.)

rugos₁ [rúgos] n Down pour of rain; heavy rain; cloudburst. buhos ng malakas na ulan (sem. domains: - Rain.)

silong [sílong] 1n Space underneath a house or bed or shelter. Nagtago ka iro sa silong it katri dahil nahadlok sida it mga payupok. The dog hid underneath the bed because he was afraid of the exploding firecrackers. (sem. domains: - Under, below.) 2v To go underneath a tree, roof, etc., to get out of the rain; to take refuge in the shade. silong Waya nako kilaya katong kayaki nak nagpasilong sa amo pantaw. I did not know that man who took refuge from the rain on our porch. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

sulig₂ [sulíg] n Rainbow. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

tagithe [tagíthe] n Drizzling (of rain), sprinkling, spitting. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

tagithi [tagíthi] (irreg. infl. tagite) 1n Light rain. (sem. domains: - Rain.) 2vbt To rain lightly; to sprinkle rain. ambon Aya baga giliwas para indi ka matagithian dahil asip-unon ray ikaw. Don’t go out please, so you won’t be caught by light rain and you will not get cold. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

tig-uyan [tig-úyan] (der. of uyan) n Wet, rainy season (as of June-September). (sem. domains: - Season, - Rain.)

tig-uyanon [tig-uyánon] adj Rainy season. tag-ulán (sem. domains: - Rain.)

tinguyanon [tinguyánon] (der. of uyan) n Wet weather; wet season; monsoon (as of June-September when the winds blow from the South West). Mahirap maghanap it kahoy kung tinguyanon. It’s hard to find wood in wet weather. (sem. domains: - Season, - Rain.)
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