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agom [ágom] v To experience special circumstances (as of either good or bad); to enjoy something good; to endure or bear pain. nakamtan Kada ninra naaguman kag maadong pangabuhi ay ingbuligan sinra it mayamang hali. The reason why they have experienced good things in life is because their wealthy relative helped them. Nagpaibang banwa sida matapos ida maagoman kag kabiguan sa negosyo. gShe went abroad after she had experienced failure in business. (sem. domains: - Determined, 3.4.1 - Feel good, 3.2.2 - Learn.)

aray [áray] 1n Teaching, information, a subject that is studied; a course of study (as of academic, religious knowledge or teaching). aral Kag aray nak mababaoy sa pagbasa it Biblia ay maado. The teaching you get from reading the Bible is good. (sem. domains: 3.6.3 - Subject of teaching.) 2vbt To study, analyze, learn about something (as of a subject one can learn about). mag-áral Ato isag aarayan kag mga planeta. We’ll study the planets later. (sem. domains: - Examine, 3.2.2 - Learn.) der. inarayan , der. paaray , der. pagaray , der. pangaray

diskubre [diskúbre] v To discover something. (sem. domains: 3.2.2 - Learn.)

gradwar [gradwár] n To graduate from school, college. tapos syn: tapos 2.1, gradwasyon. (sem. domains: 3.6.2 - School, 3.2.2 - Learn, - Expert, - Study.)

gradwasyon [gradwásyon] n Graduation, final program in a school, college. pagtatapos Kag graduwasyon it ako anak ay sa masunor nak dominggo. My child’s graduation is next week. syn: tapos 2.1, gradwar. (sem. domains: 3.6.2 - School, - Last, - Ceremony, - Complete, finish, 3.2.2 - Learn, - Study.)

hirit₁ [hírit] 1excl You guess (as of instruction when asking a riddle). (sem. domains: - Guess.) 2vbt To guess an answer, solution. sirit Inghiritan nida kag hula kay Joy kung sabakey sida. She guessed an answer to Joy’s puzzle as to whether she’s already pregnant. (sem. domains: 3.2.2 - Learn, - Guess.)

kabot [káb-ot] vbt To grasp something by extending the hand. abutin Akab-uton nako tong papel mayungot sa ida. I’ll grasp the paper near him by extending my hand to it. (sem. domains: - Lust, 3.2.2 - Learn, - Greedy.)

kadaukan [kada-úkan] n Ignorance. kabobohan (sem. domains: - Known, unknown, 3.2.2 - Learn.)

kinaayaman [kinaayáman] n Knowledge; knowing. Nio kag imokinaayaman sa pagpakando it makina ay waya ra ikaw kina giaray. What do you know about fixing the machine when you have not undergone the training for that. (sem. domains: - Intelligent, 3.2.2 - Learn, - Area of knowledge.)

kinarampuyatan₃ [kinarampuyátan] n Knowledge; skill. alam, kaalaman Nio kag ida kinarampuyatan sa pagpanguma nak dentista ra sida! What knowledge does he have about farming when he is a dentist! Waya sida’t kinarampuyatan rotong nawagit nak bangko. She has no knowledge about the lost chair. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown, 3.2.2 - Learn.)

simoy [simóy] v To get, obtain by buying something (sem. domains: 3.2.2 - Learn.)

tsek [tsek] n Check (tick) mark; tick. (sem. domains: 3.2.2 - Learn.)