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agrabyado [agrabyádo] 1adj Aggravated, provoked (as of making a problem worse); victimised; oppressed; suffering loss, hurt or unfair treatment. maapi Waya gusto it Dios nak kag mga mahirap ay maging agrabyado. God doesn’t want that poor people be aggravated. (sem. domains: - Worse, - Oppress.) 2v To be aggravated, provoked (as of making a problem worse); to be victimized, oppressed, made to suffer loss, hurt or unfair treatment. (sem. domains: - Worse, - Oppress.) der. pangagrabyado

agresibo [agresíbo] adj Aggressive. agresibo (sem. domains: - Oppress.)

hingabot₁ [hingabót] 1v To covet, envy. (sem. domains: - Jealous, - Like, love.) 2v To be unnecessarily curious, nosey about something (as in a bad sense). Asing inghihingabot nimo katong kwarta it imo Nanay? Why are you so curious about that money of your Mother. (sem. domains: - Obsessed.) 3v To pursue something you really like, want. Inghihingabot kag inra kabuhi dahil sa pagsunor sa Dios kada sinra ay nagtalikor. Their lives are persecuted because of following God, therefore they turn back. Idang gador ginghihingabot tong duta sa baybay. She’s really going after the lot near the seashore. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want.) 4v To look, search for food. (sem. domains: 7.6.1 - Search.) 5vt To persecute with threat, to pursue somebody in order to harm or kill them. (sem. domains: - Oppress.)

hingabot kag ako kabuhi [hingabót kag ákò kabúhì] v Persecute somebody; threaten one’s life (lit: covet my life). Asing inghihingabot kag ako kabuhi it tong mga mananakaw ay waya ra kami it yaman. Why does the thief persecute me when in fact I don’t even have wealth. (sem. domains: - Oppress, - Act harshly.)

ihig₂ [ihíg] v To reject, pick on a family member; to oppress; to show rejection towards somebody in a family. api Naglayas tong maguyang nak anak dahil ing-ihig it ida madrasta. His eldest child stowed away because he was rejected by his step-mother. (sem. domains: - Reject, - Oppress.)

pahirap [pahírap] (der. of hirap) To cause hardship, poverty, persecution, suffering. (sem. domains: 4.4.2 - Trouble, - Poor, - Oppress.)

pangagrabyado [pang-agrabyádo] (der. of agrabyado) v To aggravate, victimize, oppress, provoke, make suffer loss, hurt or unfair treatment (as of making a problem worse). (sem. domains: - Worse, - Oppress.)