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agta [ágtà] 1n Negritos; small dark-skinned people. Inghingwaran sidang agta dahil sida’y maitom. He was nicknamed dark skinned man because of his black color. [The negritos are said to be the indigenous inhabitants of the Philippines. They are small, dark skinned and have curly hair.] (sem. domains: - Family, clan.) 2adj Blacky; darky (as of a nickname for someone with dark skin). ati (sem. domains: - Nickname.) 3n A small black supernatural being that lives near rivers, under large trees in virgin forest. [These beings are said to bite or pinch people and leave dark bruises on victims if disturbed by people walking in their territory. Symptoms of this are bruises on the arms when women have been washing at the river. People call out warnings, tábì "go aside", for them to go to the side of paths and avoid being walked or urinated on.] (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.)

bos₁ [bos] n Boss (as of a friendly half-joking term of address used mainly between men). (sem. domains: - Nickname.)

boy [boy] n 1Nickname (as of a name used when the speaker doesn't know the name of the young boy being addressed). [This would only be used to a child, young teenager often when needing their help. It is from the English "boy".] (sem. domains: - Child, - Nickname, - Youth.) 2Servant "boy" (as of a young boy taken into the home to help with household chores in exchange for board, lodging and schooling). (sem. domains: 6.1.1 - Worker.) 3Family nickname (as of a pet name for a boy that often becomes almost his personal name). [Such a name is often carried right throughout life and is better known that his given, Christian name. It is from the English "boy".] (sem. domains: - Nickname, - Terms of endearment.)

buboy [búboy] n Affectionate name for teenage boy, son. Kag tawag sa ida anak ay buboy. The name she calls her child is “buboy”. (sem. domains: - Nickname, - Terms of endearment.)

diding [díding/didíng] (irreg. infl. ding) n 1An affectionate nickname for a young woman (as of for one whose name is unknown). (sem. domains: - Nickname.) 2Nickname for a woman of any age (as of one that almost replaces her name). (sem. domains: - Nickname.)

dodoy [dódoy] (irreg. infl. doy) n 1Nickname for a young boy, man whose name is unknown. (sem. domains: - Nickname.) 2Affectionate nickname for a young man or family member. (sem. domains: - Nickname.)

hayi [hayî] n Nickname. palayaw Kag hayo sa ida ay “busoy”. His called by his nickname “seed”. (sem. domains: 9.7 - Name, - Nickname.)

pang₂ [páng] n Term of endearment mostly for women, “Love, Lure” (as of younger age and maybe no relationship). mahal Pang ray-a anay si Toto sa Center ag ipa-dressing kaling ida ugar. Love, please take Sonny to the center and have his sore dressed. (sem. domains: 9.7 - Name, - Personal names, - Nickname, 4.3.3 - Love.)

tol [tól] n Loving nickname for relative, friend, as of male or female. (sem. domains: - Nickname.)