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agtang [ágtang] n Chin. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

alimpuyo [alimpúyo] (dial. var. alimpuyos) n The crown, cowlick in the hair on one’s head or eyebrows (as of when the hair curls around a central point). puyò, alimpuyo Igwa sida’t ruhang alimpuyo sa uyo. He has two crowns on his head. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

bayunguson [bayungúson] (der. of bayungos) adj Heavily bearded; having a lot of beard, facial hair or whiskers. (sem. domains: 2.1.5 - Hair, 2.1.1 - Head.)

bugo [búgò] 1adj Round, plump (as of one's fat face). (sem. domains: - Round, 2.1.1 - Head.) 2v To become rounded, plump (as of getting full, fat in face). taba Tong nagtaba si Grace nagbugo ra kag ida uda. When Grace grew fat her face became rounded too. (sem. domains: - Round, 2.1.1 - Head.)

buha [buhâ] n Fontanel (as of the soft spot on a baby’s head where the bones of the skull have not yet come together and hardened). bumbonan Nayubong kag buha it lapsag kung sida ay gutomey. The soft spot on the baby’s head shrinks when he’s hungry. (sem. domains: - Baby, 2.1.1 - Head.)

bungo [bungô] n Skull; cranium. bungo (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

guni-guni [guni-gúni] n All in your head; only psychological; going over and over in one’s mind. Indi si Fred matuyugan nak permi yang sa ida guni-guni kag pagpatay sa ida asawa. Fred can’t sleep because the killing of his wife is always just going over and over in his mind. (sem. domains: - Dazed, confused, 2.1.1 - Head.)

gutlo [gútlo] n Grooves, wrinkles in skin between bulges of fat; double chins. Abang gutlo tong ida matabang anak. There are many wrinkles in skin between the bulges on his fat child. (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body, 2.1.1 - Head, 2.1.4 - Skin.)

hawong [hawóng] n 1Face; appearance of something; nature of something (as of it’s features). mukha Sida it ingwa it pinakamagandang hawong. She got the most beautiful face. Peligro sa kasadya kag hawong it amo pangabuhi. The nature of our whole way of life and happiness was set at risk. (sem. domains: - Appear, - Look, 2.1.1 - Head.) 2Shade; shadow. Sayduhan baga kinang lamesa sa ingwa it hawong agor buko mainit para sa ato. Please transfer that table to where there’s shade so it is not hot for us. (sem. domains: 7.2.6 - Pursue, 2.4.5 - Rest, 1.1.1 - Sun, - Window.)

hinguto [hingúto] vbt To look for lice in somebody’s hair; to delouse. kutuhan Naghihingut-anan sinra sa sanrig. They are looking for lice in each others hairs on the staircase. Ahingut-an ikaw nako. I’ll look for lice in your hair. (sem. domains: 7.6.1 - Search, 2.1.5 - Hair, 7.6.2 - Find, 2.1.1 - Head, - Insect.)

hubag [hubág] 1n Boil, inflamation of the skin. pigsa Pagbusri it ida hubag ay nagliwas kag nana. When his boil burst, pus oozed out. syn: habay. (sem. domains: - Skin disease, - Swell.) 2vi To be afflicted with a boil, inflamation of the skin. Inghubagan kag ako likor. My back was afflicted with a boil. (sem. domains: 2.1.7 - Flesh, - Skin disease, 2.1.1 - Head.)

hudot sa liog [hudót sa líog] idiom - Convert to subentry 1To hold, grab tightly by the throat. hawak sa leeg (sem. domains: - Hold, - Actions of the hand, 8.5.6 - Contain, - Care for a baby, - Prevent from moving, 2.1.1 - Head.) 2To have somebody under one’s thumb (fig.) (lit:“held by the neck”). hawak sa leeg Si Inday ay hudot sa liog it ida asawa. Inday is under her husband’s thumb. (sem. domains: - Under, below, - Low status.)

huli-an [huli-án] n The base of the skull at the back (as of the hollow spot where the skull joins the backbone). (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

ingkoy [íngkoy] n Nape, back of neck; base of skull (as of where the head joins the neck or the neck joins the body and the tissue thickens in an old person). Naghapros kag ingkoy ni Bebilita sa pagkatuyog. Bebilita’s base of the skull is aching because of sleeping on it. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.) comp. ingkoy it rayaga

ingkoy it rayaga [íngkoy it rayága] (comp. of ingkoy) n Flat nape of neck on a young woman (as of the sign of youth and beauty. In an old woman it thickens and is a sign of aging). [lit: nape-neck of young-unmarried-woman] (sem. domains: - Woman, 2.1.1 - Head, - Youth.)

kasakit₁ [kasákit] 1v To get a sore head thinking about something. Nagkakasakit ka ak uyo it isip kung pauno makatapos it pageskwela kag mga anak. I have a sore head from thinking about how my children can finish college. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head, 3.2 - Think.) 2v To be hurt; to have hurt feelings. Ingkakasakit it ako kabubut-on nak magpagto ka sa ibang lugar. My feelings will be hurt if you go abroad. (sem. domains: - Pain.) 3adj Hurt, of feelings. masakit Kasakit sa ako buot nak maglarga ka. It would hurt my feelings if you left us. (sem. domains: 3.1 - Soul, spirit, - Pain.)

katunlan [katúnlan] (irreg. infl. tunlan) n Throat, oesophagus, hollow at front of neck. lalamúnan (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

kayo₂ [káyò] n Hat. sumbréro (sem. domains: 2.6.5 - Male, female, 2.1.1 - Head, 5.3.1 - Men's clothing.)

kidup-ong [kidúp-ong] v To sit with one’s hand under one’s chin; to rest one’s chin on one’s hand (as when day dreaming). namaluktot Tong mga estudyante ay nagkidup-ong sa bayay dahil waya mga kwarta. Those students sit with hands under their chins in their house because they have no money. (sem. domains: 7.1.6 - Lean, 2.1.1 - Head.)

li-og [lí-og] n Neck. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

nag haba-ey kag li-og [nag hába-ey kag lí-og] PH Neck grew long due to a long wait. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

panga₂ [pangá] n Jaw. pangá (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

patsihan [patsíhan] (der. of patsi) n Temple where leaf poultices are stuck to relieve a headache. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

pisngi [písngi] n Cheeks, as of the face. pisngí Naharo sida sa pisngi it ida anak. He kissed the cheeks of his child. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

rungan-rungan₁ [rungan-rúngan] n Temples (Banton). (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)
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